Lions game

what did any one think about the lions game?

GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!

That better everybody???

"Don't Know"

this post/question is from SEPT 2ND.....why are u EVEN responding NOW?

I feel like answering some unanswered questions, I only did three.

Problem is KK you didnt answer him. Geez!

Seems like he's just trying to increase his post count, in a rather pathetic way if you ask me....

sorry, but I did aweser him, I said "Don't know" :lol:

"I don't know" is exactly the same as saying "I don't know the answer".....therefore, you really didn't have an answer KK - if you're trying to get your post count up, at least do it in a less obvious way.

This is hilarious. Is there a prize for posting the most? I mean this post is nearly a month old and he answers it with "dont' know"... I can't imagine being THAT bored.

Get my post score up? Yes and No...

I did it because willamson made this post and was hoping for a few weeks that somebody would reply, so I did him the favor and hopfully made a friend out of him, but the net effect of that is that I just made a few enemies as well.

hahahahahhaa... I don't know about anybody else.. but 'enemy' is certainly too strong a word to describe my feelings towards you regarding this. I find it strange and amusing. I could care less about post scores.. I didn't even realize there was such a thing.

I suppose by continuing to talk to you about this.. I'm helping you add even more to your post score.. which if it's as serious as you're making it sound probably isn't the best idea. :slight_smile: