Lions Game Saturday vs Edmonton

OK all you Lions Fans .. so there has been a lot happening with the loss to the Bombers and what has happened today with the release of Casey Printers. BUT.... let's all show the team that we support them and get a big turnout to the game on Saturday! Forget everything and just let the TEAM know we are behind them no matter what has happened.

I am planning on being there for the remaining games... and even renewing my seasons tix for next year.

GO LIONS :rockin:

I salute you as a true blue CFL fan !

"true blue"? Isn't that one of the bombers' colors?? Are you sure you're not a bomber in Lions' clothing MadJack and that that wasn't an unfortunate slip of the tongue? :lol:

Unfortunate slip of the tongue (or, rather, fingers on the keyboard) !

I stand suitably chastised, and shall endeavour not to repeat such an error !!

We'll win, even if we don't and don't make the playoffs, I'll be back next year.
Can't get much worse, can it?

My headache hasn't completely gone from that last game. These short weeks are hard on the fans when your team pulls stunts like that on you but we must go back to the front sooooo - good luck. I think we need it. Who knows what to expect or what will happen other than a football game between 2 desperate teams. The best kind come what may.

This is an absolute must game for us to make the playoffs and salvage the season. Hopefully the Lion's can take all their frustrations out on the Eskies in a CONSTRUCTIVE manner and lay a whipping on them. Time to bring discipline back and gain some much needed respect!
It will be very interesting to see how all the Lion players will respond on Saturday.
As for Casey Printers, I'm glad he is gone. I had higher hopes for him, but it did not materialize. I sometimes wonder why they brought him back in the first place (no matter how much he preached he was reformed). Even in Bob Ackles book, he refers to him as not being a team player. Printer's CFL days are numbered, he won't be fooling anyone else.

O.K. lets try and forget about what happened last weekend, Caseys gone, boo-hoo! There is a very important game against Edmonton this weekend. Lets focus on that. What do you guys think?....comments. :cowboy:

i guess a lot will depend on how many guys are not happy with printers gone and how far they are willing to slide to show it.

I think the question should be more along the lines of "how many guys are happy with Printers gone and how far they are willing to rise to the occasion to show it".

I haven't heard any on the team say they "are not happy" with Printers gone. Not necessarily "happy" just not unhappy.

Sorry fellow lion fans, but I think this loss spells the end of the season for us. No I have not lost the faith, but don't want to do any wishfull thinking either. Realistically they have to win two out of their three remaining games, and I just don't see that happening. I do hope that they don't go down without a fight and play hard right to the end. That is the only way that they will have a chance. They could play the role of spoiler also. :frowning:

theres only one word to say - you never can tell.