Lions Future Looks Very Bleak--

I am not happy with this team at all. Forget about the bad officiating, but this team is ridiculously slow---

Pierce-- He is TONY ROMO- Same QB, chokes in every big game, will never beat Calgary, never gets it done in 2nd halves of games, and plays scared---

Benevides-- This guy puts no players in positions to make plays-- Could the D be any worse? I mean they look like a joke , so SOFT and so NON AGGRESIVE on Defense--

Brent JOhnson- This guy is clearly making his way into LIFE after football with SPORTSNET by appearing weekly on teh show. Will Brent JOhnson ever make a sack vs CGY? In the last 6 games he has done nothing vs CGY and has not been even within 5 yards of Burris in any game-- He is way too small now to play END and has lost a step-- He is looking at sportsnet for a career after football and is mailing it in---

SIMON- He looks disinterested now--- I think trade him while he has some good trade value for 2 good defenders--

Anton Mckenzie-- Can he run a 40 within 10 seconds? This guy is a BUST and has no speed and no playmaking ability---

Is there any player on the BC defense that is DISRUPTIVE to an OFFENSE? I have not seen one---

Good players-- Arcenaux is very fast, possibly fastest in the league--
Mallet is awesome also-- Paris jackson is solid as usual----

Defense-- Banks and Philips are fairly good, when they are allowed to make a play with this garbage defense that Benevides has no idea how to run-- Looking at him on teh sidelines does not give me confidence as a FAN- He looks rattled---

Dave Ritchie- Can we bring him back on the Defense--

Slow players-- How many slow or skinny players do we have on this team? Who the hell is Simmons? heatherington, Glatt, Calgary does not have all these slow and skinny players---

Prediction- A benevides Defense has NO CHANCE To beat a HUFFNAGEL coached team-- It will never HAPPEN EVER----

I agree with another poster, bring in KERRY JOSEPH, he is better than all the QB's we have, let him and printers compete and cut both Pierce and Jackson, they are complete rubbish as football players--

Is there a softer or player that folds more than PIERCE in the CFL?

Does Benevides have something vs pressuring QB's?? The lions do well when they blitz qb's-- But for most of the game teams can get first downs so easy vs this team---
AT one point CGY converted 4 in a row on 2nd and 10 because benevides lines up in Soft Vanilla ZONE and protects deep but does not confuse QB's at all- THey know the exact Defense the lions are in , beacuse it sucks and its ZONE always---

Start playing more man to man benevides and look like a confident man on the sidelines and not a scared little school girl.

Yeah i can see your point ,at least your not blaming everything on Pierce or Jackson like some people on this board because its not just them its the team. But at the same time would you be happy if Wally kept the same team like last year or the year before and complain about Wally keeping the same core ? Teams need to upgrade. We need to add youth at some point, you might as well do it now.
You really think this teams future is Bleak??? On what grounds. Because this years team is struggling with new players?
You want to bring back Richie, but at 68-69 years old. I would love to have the guy come back an coach but How many more years can the guy put in. Benevides, you can blame him all you want as a first year guy, maybe we should wait a couple years. Considering alot of teams were looking at him for HC. must say something about him.
We could throw in the towel with our qb all you want, it doesn't matter if its CP or KERRY jOESPH ,but what are you going to do with a offensive line that can barley protect a beach ball, let alone a QB.. At the same time how many teams let their Veteran QB (Dickenson) go for two unproven QB for the starting position.After a year and ahalf you expect miricles with these two? And how many years did it take Anthony Calvillo to be where he is today. I remember Calvillo was way worse then Pierce... So maybe you should have a little patients with both QB AT THIS TIME.
Look this is the first time WB has admitted that he underestimated the talent in this league , doesn't mean he's not going to make off season changes. We are fortunate enough to have one of the best head coaches in the league ,just give him time regroup this team back into a contender.

first benevides is a really good coach he almost got a head coaching job and brent johnson how is he too slow he was within 5 yards of burris if you didn’t notice he was putting pressure on his o lineman and geroy why trade our best reciever just because buck pierce doesn’t throw to him heres an idea maybe you wouldn’t think about geroy like that if they threw the ball to him more than once in a gameand on defence i think we should blitz more instead of covering deep a whole bunch of times

Its a rebuilding year. Before the season started, my expectations were nothing higher than third place. The way the season is going shouldn’t be a surprise considering all the quality players that are gone.

I’m with Sporty but I’m actually happy about the Lions record for what I was expecting. The opening game and the second Als game the Lions were close as well as the Ticat games weren’t blowouts either. The only 2 games that really stunk were the Stamps and Bombers games. The Lions haven’t looked spectacular but inconsistent. To be expected with all the changes. Hopefully the Lions make a run in the final third of the season and get themselves a home playoff game.

I will be very happy to see one home playoff game. Is that asking for too much? :cry:

We are only two games out of leading the division..i would say thats not to bad. There is still 7 games left to play. We could end up 10-8 or better if we have a good second half of the season. progress has been made and they are much better then they were on game 1 (rebuilding)

Often I agree with you, but in this case no way. I'm hoping to see the Westernmost team win the Grey Cup as the Eastern representative!!!
Now that would almost be a better 'only in the CFL' moment than Baltimore (American AND the team with no name) winning it.

Face it, only in Canada can we have such craziness :slight_smile:

This wouldn’t happen to be Tony Galagher would it?


No chance. That dude seems to think the National League of 2 yard runs is better than the CFL.

I realize the FOX network made some great innovations to football broadcasting by inventing the on-screen clock and scoreboard. However watching the clock run for 40 seconds between plays is not my idea of excitement.

Better players - debatable (different game, different skill-set)
Better game - CFL all the way