Lions come?

I heard that every member of the BC Lions, including coach Buono has taken a fine because of an obscene gesture made towards the Bombers before the start of the last game. Can someone fill me in on what exactly they did?

Apparently they did the "suck it" crotch chop gesture to the Bomber bench after the player introductions. The team fined itself an undisclosed amount with the money going towards charity.


If you are familiar with pro wrestling it was the move that D-Generation X did after defeating opponents.

Wally was on the radio and he sounded pretty p*ssed about the players who did the gesture. So they self imposed a fine on the perpatrators.

You'd think being humiliated by Winnipeg immediately after doing it would be punishment enough.

Pretty funny, really. Taunting a team right before they run over you like you're a bunch of 10 year old girls. :cowboy:

WTF? That's worthy of a fine? If so, how come Kelly isn't broke from all the times he shot his mouth off???

Far as I know, the Lions organization imposed the fine on themselves.