Lion's Final Cuts - Bye 'Ty'

Frank Ferrara (DL) - Reaper Junior (Aaron Hunt) wins

Eddie Linscomb (RB) - Rammer calls 'Joe Smith'

Tony Tiller (DB) - this guy will get hidden or stolen (Steegs victim)

Carl Gourgues (OL) - ex Laval ... never progressed

Dave Lowry (LB) - surprise

Tyler Emmert (QB) - sadness for Turd (hide him)

Anthony Jones (WR) - ex Gade

Belton Johnson (OL) - part of "OT airlift"

Aaron Krepps (WR) - ask Ramms ... I dunno

Wiley King (WR) - Turd's pick for 'RoY' - 'nuff said

What I think .....

19 year old wonder kid ... Josh Boden ... is exempt from roster rules (I think) as a Junior

Boden will likely continue to practice with the team; and may play sometime this year

Ferrara just flat out got beat by Aaron Hunt (Reggie's bro)

Same with 3 year vet Eddie Linscomb getting beat by Joe Smith (good call ... Rammer)

Ty Emmert - the 'brain' who has the 74-3 career record as a QB was a "major signing" (Wallyspeak) his release realy means Wally has NOT selected who is back-up QB (IMO) ... and needs to give guys more rep time

[not sure whether they hide him or let him practice/play in a Jr league somewhere]

Thanks man, that's good stuff. Even if I haven't heard of these guys before.... :wink:

isn't tiller the db stegal burned for 4 tds last season?

Yeah. But you gotta admit it makes your arrival in a professionnal league a bit dramatic when you are a rookie and are asked to cover Stegal.

If you want to play with the best, you must be able to cover the best, but maybe getting a bit of experience first would help before having to square off with the biggest threat on the field.

yeah i would agree that was more of a coaching faux pas than the dbs fault. you cannot ask any single db to cover the likes of a stegal without expecting a bad outcome. stegal was gracious after that game though saying that the db played fine, just got caught on a couple mistakes. milt can make anyone make a couple mistakes that is why he has spent the last decade double and triple covered. too bad the bombers never had anyone else to throw to for half of that time.