Lions field goal as time expires secures victory over Ticats

HAMILTON – Coming to Tim Hortons Field from the west coast, the BC Lions spoiled Bo Levi Mitchell‘s home debut as they defeated the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 33-30.

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Congrats to the Lions for a victory in Hamilton.

The Tiger-Cats lose in the dying seconds of the game but demonstrate they are a talented team by providing an exciting, hard-fought contest in the Hammer. :chess_pawn:


The Lions player who started swearing at the TSN cameraman in the 4th quarter, using the N word and a bunch of F bombs, should be fired, not just fined. If I started screaming at someone like that in my workplace, I’d be out of job, fired for cause. It was a disgusting, childish display and I hope the league addresses this kind of behavior.


Maybe he was upset with the calls against the lions. Wonder what the refs were paid for that baloney.

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It may not have mattered, but the last pass completion was 3-4 yards offside

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Refs we’re the only reason Hamilton was in the game in the first half. Weak calls, a fumble that the command centre completely botched. It was clear as day and forward progress was not stopped. Bc needs to fix the o line, porous af, and defence was not good in second half. Hopefully Adams is alright, tho I’m fine with Evans playing Calgary, they’re awful anyways.

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So like literally every Winnipeg offensive play? I noticed Hamilton was very disciplined in their waggle, very few plays where the receivers cross before the snap. Cfl needs to clean that up, and call more holding penalties. Hamilton should have been called about twelve times, BC four. Why have rules if you don’t enforce them?

Way better with blm not in the game.

Wasnt the refs. Taking bonehead penalties on positive plays cost the Cats the victory.

No. they need to call less holding penalties. If you want to kill the game, yes call more holding penalties. That late holding call was blatant, he grabbed the tackler from behind and hauled him down.

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IMO there is usually some kind of holding on every play. Refs focus on the blatant ones. Or else the game flow stops.


No I don’t think it was offside…I though so at first but

This GIF shows how close it was, then take into account that the camera was not looking straight down the line
Note when the giff freezes, you can see the ball has been snapped



Hey - the game is over and rehashing it does not change the outcome. As a Cat fan I was hoping for a different outcome, but it was not to be. The difference in the game was the bad throw by Mitchell, but the Cats played well enough to win and that didn’t happen. Bottom line is that the playoffs are coming soon and both of these teams will have to win a few more games to make it to the Grey Cup - my money is on the Tigers Cats being there and the Lions and their fans will be sitting at home watching.


I admire the confidence and watching this game as a Lions fan I thought that this version of the Tigercats could pull a couple upsets including maybe…maybe the Argos. However it looks like the Grey Cup goes thru Winnipeg and Toronto and the Tabbies lost all three matchups by a least two scores, the Lions at least won a game in the Peg and battled in last weeks OT loss. I would keep your money in your pocket…

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Re: madorosh
I have to call you out on your comments about Hollins outburst. First problem is this is on TSN. They should have a mute delay on on sideline audio. I do not believe the player was yelling at the camera. I believe he was yelling at a fellow teammate. These words are offensive to most and I as a 58-year-old white guy cannot use them. However, Hollins is someone who feels he can say these things to a teammate in the heat of the moment. I would even agree with you that it’s childish in light of Hollins being a professional athlete but but if a person wants to reclaim a slur, that’s been thrown at them for hundreds of years in the most vile way I don’t think it’s for many of us to comment on.

Let’s get back to your comments about the league needs to deal with this and the player should be fired. Ridiculous. Are you equating yelling at a teammate with what Marino did to Mazolli last year? Marino’s behaviour is what players should get fired from this league for.

I agree with you EtmRaw. That interception by Lawson was the game-winning play for the much-improved Cats that went for 85 yards but was negated by an illegal block. The Lions are good competitors but this battle of a game belongs to the Cats. :chess_pawn:

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Hatcher was clearly offside as was the other receiver. If the ball was already snapped where is it in the picture? Certainly not in the air to dane. Yet another bad miss on the part of the 5 blind mice.

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Go in to work tomorrow, scream at one of your colleagues that he’s a “bitch-ass N” and tell me if you still have a job the next day.

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Things that make me say Hmmm… Rhymes had 8 seconds vs Bombers and seem to be lost in time and space, he just couldn’t take a knee to help his team win with a last second FG.

Greedy baby needy baby indeed.

Hatcher had 4 seconds vs Hamilton and was capable of gaining enough yards, take a knee to put BC in field goal range to kick the winning FG with 1 second left.