Lions Fans: Who do you consider your biggest rival?

I'm just curious, because I know no other team would consider you as their biggest rival, and I am pretty sure most wouldn't even consider you their second biggest rival. So who would you put at number 1?

every team east of us

I hate the Stampeders, even before they beat us in the division final last year. They're the other good team in the west, so it just happens.

If any team I'd have to say the Stamps. In recent years the competition between our teams have been pretty tight, its usually always a down to the last play type of game. They're a team that stack up pretty evenly with the Lions. Vancouver and Calgary fans just don't seem to mix well either, whether its the Canucks or Lions. Otherwise its rather difficult to say that there's a definitive rival of the Lions.

actually, it is the whitecaps

For me it is SSK. I don't know why but it seems the Lions have a tough time agains the Roughriders. Now it may be that statistics would show differently but I'm always nervous when I see the Roughriders roll into town.

As far as you "knowing" that no other team would consider the Lions their biggest rival you would get some good arguments from some of the teams that find the Lions a real handful. At least that is what some of the opposition players have said publicly! :thup:

If you go back to the mid 80s there was no bigger hate on at the time than BC/Winnipeg. Lions fans had these hats that said Bomber Busters with a line through a W and to this day Winnipeg has the infamous 'B - C - SUCKS' chant. Of course now that they're no longer in the same division that has changed.

Since 2004, the Riders. Maybe it's their fans the rub me the wrong way

When they play's themselves.

Terrific post!

Last couple years it’s been the Stamps. Before that it was the Green Riders. Before that Damon Allen stole a cup from us after he got moved to the Argos to make way for Dave Dickenson. Prior to that it was the Matthews/Flutie combo in Toronto, preceded by the Buono/Flutie show in McMahon Stadium. Even earlier the Matthews-led Montrealers gave us fits. In the late eighties it was Tom Clements and the Blue Bombers who were our biggest playoff rival. I remember sitting below the scoreboard in a packed house at BC place as the Lions clobbered the Bombers in the 1985 western final.

In the late 1970s/early 1980s the Eskimo dynasty made all the other teams second-class citizens. Plenty of teams beat the tar out of the 1970s Lions. As they say about the late 1960s, If you remember it you weren’t really there! In the early years everybody cleaned BC’s clock, except for two winning seasons with a cup win in 1964 over the TiCats and a loss to them the previous year. Hamilton teams had a tremendous dynasty during the late 1950s and early 1960s, winning five championships between 1957 and 1962.

My earliest years as a fan were sitting up in the nosebleed section of the west grandstand in Empire, watching Pete Liske and the Stamps eviscerate the BC squad about 42-7. I was about ten or eleven so it must have been 1966 1968. During that same year he came to the mall near our house one day and he showed my how to grip a football! What a guy, and he turned me into a lifelong Lions and CFL fan. As a young teen living in the East End we’d go to games and sit in the north endzone, as a bunch of other kids played football with a potato chip bag. Punting was tough! Admission was almost nothing if you bought a bag of Nalleys potato chips, which would make you so thirsty you’d need a big jug of pop to wash em down… One night I got a free, fairly experienced CFL football after Ted Gerela booted a field goal from close in. Awesome.

Dooger out. :cowboy: