Lions fans want PRINTERS not DD

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If there was a People's Choice Award for the job of starting quarterback of the B.C. Lions, it would belong hands-down to Casey


The younger of the club's former CFL most outstanding player award winners landed an overwhelming majority of votes in an online poll conducted during the Christmas holidays by The Province.

Over 71 percent of respondents picked Printers over Dave Dickenson when asked who should be the Lions' quarterback for the upcoming season.

The 24-year-old is currently in a position to decide his own fate.

Printers has worked out for six NFL teams and reportedly will decide this week whether to leave the Lions or accept their three-year contract offer, made last month before coach Wally Buono left on vacation.

Readers were polled on a variety of topics online in the wake of a 1-6 skid to end last season and close to 500 responded to the survey.

If Printers returns and Buono has the luxury of trading one of his quarterbacks, upgrading the offensive line was the top priority of respondents.

A majority of readers still feel Buono can get the job done in his current combined role as coach and general manager. They are almost evenly split in the belief that changes to the offensive structure would be just as beneficial as a new offensive co-ordinator to replace Jacques Chapdelaine, who came under fire late last season.

But nearly one-half of those polled haven't forgotten what took place after the team's 11-0 start last year and suggested that the Lions do not presently have the right roster mix to win the Grey Cup this season

Here is a selection of letters received:

This long-running saga has struck a nerve. Casey Printers was poorly treated from the minute Wally Buono decided to start Dave Dickenson in the 2004 Grey Cup. What a slap in the face to Printers. They almost accused him of faking his shoulder injury. Wally totally mishandled the quarterback situation last year. There is no doubt that many new season ticket holders came about because of the season Casey had in 2004. Casey is charismatic, full of energy on the field and he always pumps up the crowd and the team.

Eva Ferguson

Before I fork out for two more Premium tickets for 2006 I really want to see the direction this club is going. The holes are numerous. Offensive line is too old in the tooth, the long-term reliability and durability of the quarterback position has to be questioned, defensive backs and corner positions have to be upgraded along with a change in the offensive co-ordinator.

Doug Haakonsen

The Lions could benefit most by trading a quarterback for offensive linemen, and find a good kicker that can do all three jobs.

David J. Standcumbe

Dave [Dickenson] has not lived up to his billing with the Lions. His best years are behind him. Casey is just reaching his prime. A choice between the two is a no-brainer. Wally Buono makes some very questionable calls with personnel.

Bob Filgate

Casey Printers has taken a bad rap from the media. Dickenson has a great QB rating during the regular season but come playoff time defences know he won't throw deep and they stack the line of scrimmage and rush him. Trade Dave for a Joe Montford-type lineman

Derrick Long

I have been a very loyal fan, but after the last two devastating endings to their seasons, I will not be rebuying seasons tickets. The team has obviously got some serious internal problems, which have plainly over-rode the great talent they have on the field. Coach Buono, having a great history and record, which is very respected, should take a good look at his methods. M. Hartz

One quick analogy in regards to the quarterback controversy. Would you take exciting Michael Vick, or would you take a winner named Tom Brady?

Paul Lancaster


Who should be the Lions' starting quarterback in 2006?

Casey Printers -- 71.22%

Dave Dickenson -- 27.12%

Where can the Lions benefit the most from trading one of their QBs?

Offensive line -- 56.31%

Kicking game -- 29.19%

Middle linebacker -- 8.28%

Game-breaking receiver -- 4.76%

Should Wally Buono retain both jobs as coach and GM?

Yes, he can still get the job done -- 54.66%

Coach only -- 28.36%

GM only -- 14.91%

How does owner David Braley spend his Grey Cup profits?

Sign pending free agent Jason Tucker -- 48.86%

Find new practice facility -- 26.09%

Shorten concession lines at B.C. Place Stadium -- 12.84%

Improve sound system at BC Place -- 9.52%

How do you fix the offence?

Find a new offensive co-ordinator -- 50.52%

Open up passing attack -- 46.17%

Does Carl Kidd deserve to return?

Yes, he's a locker-room catalyst -- 67.08%

No, best days are behind him -- 30.43%

Can the current roster win the 2006 Grey Cup?

Yes, last season was an aberration -- 52.38%

No, it was the tip of the iceberg -- 45.76%

Drumming god. That was the same article in this mornings paper.

thats where i got it…not everyone gets the vancouver paper.

I'm sorry but you all can keep Casey. He has not proven anything. Who was 11-0 as a starter?? New flash: It WASN'T your beloved Casey. Casey won 1 game as a starter and all of you want him as your starter?? I DON'T. As a huge Dickenson fan, I personally hope Dave is traded because he doesn't need to be bashed by the likes of the fans in B.C. Dave has class, Casey has a swelled head. I for one WON'T be going to any games next year if Dave is gone. I will go to the game when Dave returns to town, and shows your "saviour" Casey how to play QB, and I WILL BE CHEERING LOUD & PROUD FOR MR. CLASS, Dickenson. Dave deserves better.

DD can't seem to win the big game.

casey got them to the playoffs and won them a playoff game, in 04...DD blew it.

then, DD blew it to the Eskies this year.

DD has not won a playoff game in BC.

i hope printers goes to the NFL for the 06 season, cuz i dont want to see DD traded to the Argos..ugly fit that would be.

or atleast, printers stays in BC nad DD stays in the west.

just as the argos are gainings popularity in the media and with toronto fans, what they dont need is a QB who cant win the big game.

Thats what I figured…Don’t get me wrong…I like your articles. I’m always amazed at your sources! You must have subscriptions to a pile of papers cause you seem to find all sorts of articles.

I agree with you, DG, Dickenson has choked every time there has been a big game…one that the Leo’s had to win. While Dickenson had 11-0 last season, Printers was at 8 or 9 & 0 the season before, when he wasn’t in the best of shape.

What will Printers be like in good condition? Amazing is my opinion.

Just to be the devils advocate....

Let Casey sign with the NFL if he wants

Trade DD for something to bulk up the O-line.

Get a new Offensive Co-ordinator..

Go with Buck and JJ and look to the future... :twisted:

Trouble is the bandwagon jumpers wouldn’t be patient enough to let Buck “grow” into the starters job.

On the bright side, Wally MUST get a 5 star offensive line to protect Dickenson, or it will be the Buck Pierce Show!

Well considering that it seems that Dickenson is injury prone they will need an awesome oline.

Thats why Dickenson got injured. The sack totals (were high) are misleading. They should have added the number of knock downs just as DD had thrown the ball to the sack total.

Far Too many hits!


I totally agree with you... there are too many people that just jump on the BandWagon... like last year, and quickly jump off. Also lets see what the Vancouver Press have to say now... guess they will have to pick on someone else this year.... and if DD has problems then they will whine for Casey.... Does not matter I will be there again this year... go Lions...

I hate to break it to you hwgill but Dave won that playoff game in '04 as “Saviour” Casey left the game with an injury. In case you forgot Dave was the QB at the end of that playoff game against Saskatchewan. Also Casey WAS NOT 8 or 9 and 0 in 2004. He lost a game or two or three as the starter. Casey does not have 18 games as a starter. IF the Lions shore up thier O Line I can see Dave leading them to the Grey Cup. Besides “Saviour” was hurt at 2004 Grey Cup.

Printers, DD - Don’t care who is the starter with the Lions. I will support the Lions either way. But with Printers signing with the Chiefs, now there will be no QB controversy. There is a clear #1 QB in BC and that’s all that matters to me.

It is amazing how Printers’ fans only see it one way. DIckenson had 3 possessions in the 2004 Western Final with 2 of them resulting in a TD and the game-tying FG.

No way the Lions win that game without him.

In some way I would have liked to have seen Dickenson traded to the Riders where he would have stuffed it down our throat and the rest of the league playing behind a good offensive line.

The Lions o-line is crap and has to be upgraded significantly. Even with Printers’ athleticism he took a beating playing behind it, as did Pierce in his only start last season.

or how DD fans only see it one way? :roll:

The O-line needs work, that is without a doubt the most important thing that the Leos need.

:D You good folks in Vancouver are about to get that offensive line help you have been talking about. The Lions just signed Jason Jimenez, 6'7", 335lbs., out of Southern Mississippi. He is a prototypical tackle. He left school in 2003 and was signed by Cleveland as an undrafted free agent. In the last three seasons, he has been on the Green Bay and Oakland practice squads, and started two seasons in Europe, most recently last season for the Colonge Centurions. Let me tell you that this kid just has not been in the right place at the right time....he WILL be a starter this season in BC, and will be a great offensive lineman for you. Keep an eye out for him...he's gonna be a great pick up!!

Thanks Jasonfan...We need all the help we can get on the O-line.

I understand you just signed David Pruce as well. Jason and David played for together for the Frankfurt Galaxy in NFL Europe in 2004, the year they played in the World Bowl. Pruce is good...Jason is better....both will help your offensive line worries. And the two of them are VERY competitive with each other....should be interesting!

.......okee-dokey Jason's Mom, here's hoping your boy can help the Lions, goodness knows that O-line could use the injection of fresh talent.......just to welcome JJ to the league we'll make sure Napastuk, Abdullah and DMax pay special attention to him in the two PS games...... :twisted: ......