Lions fans in Victoria: Can I pool to a game in Sept or Oct?

I'm an American CFL fan living halfway between Seattle and Portland, and am planning to spend a few days in Victoria with my wife in either September or October. I'd love to catch the Calgary or Montreal game at B.C. Place, and would like to pool with anyone who has room in their car/truck planning to go. I'll be happy to share expenses. P.S. I don't think my wife will want to attend...she's not a football fan.

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Bruce Baskin
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Never mind. I'll just watch a cricket match at Beacon Hill Park instead.


Hey Bruce, I was reading your last post and I thought , if your driving from half way between Portland and Seattle then you would hit Vancouver area before taking the farrie to Victoria, so could you not time it so you could hit one of the games before going to Victoria, and a suggestion is , if your wife doesnt wish to attend the games she could hang out downtown where there are some great resturants and pubs till after the game. Normally i would be a little anxious about attending a professional sports game by myself however the fans in BC are amazing , nice , kind and very friendly and you will meet some great people.

So my suggestion is time it right to limit costs and to make it easier

...he was probably intending to take the Seattle to Victoria a trip to Vancouver would actually be out of the way.....

....can't help you Bruce, 750 kms away....

....can't help you Bruce, 750 kms away....
Didn't see, the man wants to watch criket instead anyway . :roll:

As it turns out, we're going to be up north when the Lions are on the road, so I wouldn't be able to see a game that weekend, anyhow. We'll be going to Vic via Port Angeles, so Vancouver would be out of the way.

Not a huge deal. I'll get up for a Leos game sometime. I've liked them since the Ray Nettles/Bud Magrum/Jonnhy Musso days when I was a kid. They can't really be serious about razing B.C. Place, can they? Were no lessons learned when Seattle knocked down a serviceable domed stadium so taxpayers could shell out a billion dollars for TWO stadiums?

P.S. Cricket isn't a bad game. I've come to like it, even though the sport is a total mess in the USA. Our national team probably couldn't beat eleven Newfies.

.....there are a lot of things eleven newfies could whip us all at.....

Maybe so.