Lions fan in France

Yes, it's possible, we can be french and Lions fan . So I'm agree, France is too far to go BC Place Stadium each week, but it's possible to watch on TV CFL's games.

Next year I will come in Vancouver on June, and I wish to go to stadium to support BC Lions. If you speak french, you can speak with me on MSN:

I would like to meet BC fans when I will come on June,2007.

Thanks a lot, Steeve.

Welcome aboard Steeve , that's good that you are a Lions fan from so far off. How did you become a Lions fan if I may ask? As you know the CFL season is now over and our Lions won the Championship this year so it was a good year to be a fan. Hope you do make it out for a game . Also another good site to check for info on the Lions is at .

I became a Lions fan by TV and my family, my cousins live in Vancouver, so I'm falling in love for this town and Canada. They send us a lot of photographies, and post cards, it's really a great place.

I like american football, more than european soccer, before my favorite team was Jacksonville Jaguars but with the arrival of a new channel on french TV, NASN (North American Sport Network, I discovered CFL and BC Lions. I watch Grey Cup final on my tv with this great winning, and now my team is BC Lions and nothing other.

So I decide to go in Vancouver on June,2007 to stay in my family and...go to BC Place Stadium. It will be great. I look on internet to know when next season will be begin, and I think it will be on June like this year...So I stay one month, I think it coul be possible to buy tickets for a Lions game...

You have to know that in France US Football is not an important sport event on tv and for people. Here, it's soccer, only soccer. But I create a US Football team in my town, Calais Seagulls.

Sorry if I don't write english very well, but I need training...

Your english is pretty good Steeve , I can understand what you're saying.

Were you able to see many games this season on TV? This was a good year for BC , many good games to watch.

If you come to Vancouver in June , and you want to see a game , be sure to see a regular season game. The first 2 games are pre-season . In pre-season the final team roster is not decided and many players in those games will not make the team. The coaches are evaluating players and many players get rotated into the game. Usually the games are not as good as the regular season games .

This past season the first regular season games were on June 16 , so you want to check the schedule when it is announced to plan which game to go to.

Thank you very much pennw!! And I would like to get better my english, it's a good mean with this kind of forum on internet.

I didn't watch a lot of Lions game on TV, last one was Grey Cup final and before it was against SSK. We have a new TV channel in France, NASN, with lives, report, analysis on NFL, CFL, NHL and NBA. It's great for US foot fan like me...

I'm really enjoyed to go in Vancouver in 2007 and meet BC Lions for the first time. Perhaps it will be possible to meet other fans...

See you soon... :smiley: