Lions face HUGE TEST to avoid Complacency

Much as Calgary decided to not show up for their game vs Edmonton, I am concerned that BC mentally might not be in a good situational position here playing the ARgos---

The Argos are poorly coached, have no receivers, cut their starting QB, will be starting a journeyman QB JYLES who hasnt played in over a year--
Bc on the other hand is glowing with excitement, back to back blowouts essentially- They are probably feeling good about themselves, they are 3-6 but 2 wins for a PRO TEAM gets the media and everyone off your back-

What happens is then the HUNGER is gone, and the underdog in this case the Argos have the HUNGER and BC becomes complacent-- We saw Winnipeg and Calgary with their worst performances of the season vs 2 struggling teams.

If BC plays with motivation, humility, focus, there is NO WAY that a Jim Barker coached team with a new QB who probably does not know the playbook and has not taken a single snap with the team yet will beat us--

However if I learned anything is that there is no SURE WINS in the CFL--

Bc is a work in progress, improving weekly, they cannot play down to the level of Toronto and take this win for granted--

I feel if they do that they can lose the game--

BC is really coming around- Excellent changes, now the right guys are in position. Watch out for Rajon HENLEY when he gets in the lineup-- He is another Odell Willis type of rusher--
Anthony REddick brings the hard hitting physical play to the team--
Muamba looks really athletic at safety- a far cry from Davis Sanchez, Tad Crawford--
Foster is a BEAST- THis guy could potentially make the NFL with his size- He is a mismatch in the CFL- He is fast also with good hands-- He can be the best possession receiver if he is used properly--

Kierre Johnson- The little guy from the Houston Cougars is reallly fast- He was a favorite target of CASE KEENAM- This little guy can run by db's. He has good hands, is a little small but can be a dynamite receiver-- This kid routinely would run by college dbs from UCLA and other top schools, he has burner speed with quickness also-
Watch out for this guy when he comes back I feel that BC will have the best receivers in the game by a long shot--
Foster and Johnson wideouts, GORE, Simon and BRUCE-- That is All star lineup right there--

Bc is starting to get way more athletic on Defense- You can see their attitude on defense- and the ZONES that Benevides are working now because the pass rush is intense and they are coming off the edges and up the middle--

BC only major weakness is O LINE-- If the O line is stronger, particualry REID and VALLI, and LULAY can get time to throw, the Lions imo will be one of the favorites to win the Grey Cup--

I feel that if we are smart and watch what RICH STUBLER does we can beat Henry Burris who in my opinion is one of the worst professional quarterbacks to play football. Burris who owns the worst QB rating in NFL history is terrible still considering he has Dave Dickenson teaching him and QB GURU HUFFNAGEL who coached both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady-
We can defeat CGY- All we need to do is take away CGY's gimmick offense and force Burris to think- If we can do that like Edmonton did, there is no worse QB, yes even Dalton Bell is better than Burris, Burris cannot read a defense at all and will start throwing it right to defenders-- There is a reason why CGY gets upset by SASK last 2 seasons and the reason is HENRY BURRIS--

I feel WInnipeg is done this season- They were early risers but the league has figured them out and offensively they are terrible- Their defense is beatable, as Hamilton basically broke their Swaggerville spirit.

I actually feel that BC can make some noise and do well in the playoffs--

If you look at 2 teams that are starting to resemble each other its Hamilton and BC--- Both of these teams have went with young receiving cores- Both teams have inconsistent QBs, but both teams offenses are showing promise and explosive ability-
Defensively both Hamilton and BC have solid linebackers with good pass rushes-
I actually rate both BC and Hamilton as much higher than their records--
Edmonton is a wild card, they will be good, but I think BC can beat them with our team.

everyone keeps saying jyles hasnt playedin over a year. im pretty sure it was mid-late october when he got hurt.

Good post Gridiron. I don't think complacency is going to factor into the equation on Saturday. Finishing off Saturday 4 and 6 will be so much sweeter than 3 and 7 and I'm certain the Lions are thinking, " Guys if we can win 2 in a row, we can win three!"

I agree completely about that O Line and where the weakness appears. Lulay simply has to have a reasonable amount of time. And yet, let's look at what is happening to the Esks. When their first string receivers were healthy Ray needed less time to execute. Now it appears the O Line is mediocre. Our receivers on the other hand are very healthy. Maybe Lulay can get the win even though he's not getting the protection he needs. More protection would minimize possible injury to Travis and the risk of turn overs.

blow the man down


Winning even softens up Girdiron's hyper-critical football analysis. And Wally didn't even start wearing a headset.

I just don't see the Lions getting complacent, maybe a little positive confidence.

A few personnel moves have helped for sure.

Just a guess, this could mean Jyles?

just some old folk song lyrics that I got a kick out of. they seem applicable to football in the literal sense as in give me some time to . . . Jyles works.

Quite apropos Mystic considering the Argonauts were "boatmen". According to Greek mythology the Argonauts were the heroes who sailed with Jason on the Argo, in quest of the Golden Fleece thus the phrase, "Jason and the Argonauts". Maybe it should be changed to "Jyles and the Argonauts" coming to get "fleeced" in Empire Field.

the banjo weekend looks like another blast with every team in the league putting it on the line. how much better can it get.
ps where does the banjo come from?

African Traditional Music; some say it's named after a music professor: Steven Banjo. Other than that the Banjo bowl came about with Troy Westwood and some others playing in a band.

close, but no cigar :stuck_out_tongue:

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O.K. FYB how about this link. Edit: The Banjo was invented in the U.S.A.

The Banjo: A stringed instrument of South American (USA) origins. Comprised of a stick, the remnants of an jiffy pop container ( or animal skin stretched over a big ring of some sort ) and the underwire from 3-4 bra's. The banjo is a tingy-high pitch sounding instrument. The bajo can be found regularly at cousin wedings accompanied by the sweet sounds of the Wash Board, Jugs, Cowbell, and Washtub Bass.

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T.V. Sitcom: Corner Gas :stuck_out_tongue:
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big help. I'm gonna banjo my way into the beer cooler.