Lions Esks Post Game Thoughts?

You have to feel for the Lions D-Line, they bust their asses all night, hassle Ray, stop the run, and then you watch the DB's blow coverage after coverage. One play I saw Foley pressure Ray, only to have good old Marsh blow a coverage, and bang big gain.
Again hats off to Pierce for playing his game,again no awkward hook slides, no take a loss and have trouble getting up. He stood in, ran when he had to, ground the ball when he had to, and generally aside from some poor calls from Chapdelaine in the third, and some very rookie mistakes by Hetherington, Pierce played a decent game, Kudos to him.
Mc Callum, not the way to make a case with that final punt, you owe Geroy a Game Beer.
D-Line improving game by game and looking solid
O Line, nice to see Sorensen in there, he'l only get better each game.
Linebackers, solid all game.
Db's.........sad sad state, did anyone see Phillips?, almost unsure he played he was so invisible, and Marsh?, please bench him, his let them catch then tackle way of defending is hurting us game after game, doews he have blackmail pics of Wally or what?
Special teams, Someone tell Grice-Mullin it's okay to use his speed to run laterally across the field to avoid tacklers, at a buck five soaking wet, straight ahead running is not his forte'.

Anybody else just about have a heart-attack in the last minute? - Or after blowing a sizeable lead for that matter.

Any of the Buck Pierce haters care to comment after he just outperformed Ricky Ray? - especially considering our DB's had a rough night and Edmonton had their best secondary (on paper) on the field.

Geroy, well all I can say is wow. Wasn't the Eskie's whole D-gameplan to shut him down and he still lit them up. Next game quadruple coverage I guess.

And.... .500! wewt! Wally you the man (from a poster who never lost faith around here)

Sure there were weaknesses, but the win is all that matters. Next stop Winterpeg and 8 and 7!!!

We still have to learn to finish a team off when we get into a lead. Give the Esks credit for coming back.
Great game Geroy! I was hoping for Hetherington to have a better game, oh well. Hope Paris gets well soon.
This game is good for our phsyc... not so good for the Esks!

If ever there was a play that will put the Lions into the playoffs it will be that 62 yard pass and run play to Geroy with just seconds left on the clock. It wasn't overthrown, it wasn't dropped, it wasn't intercepted....AND no flags for some dumb Lions penalty! it was purrrrrfect!

My heart sank when the Esks came back and scored the TD that put them ahead. The TV color guy kept saying, "but there is lots of time left with 57 seconds left on the clock." I figured, forget it, when the Esks pulled to within a field goal of tying the game and kept stalling only to give the ball back to B.C., the Lions had several opportunities to put the game away and kill the clock- or at the very least score another field goal. But for some unknown reason they could not even get a first down let alone another field goal. One lousy first down!

And then poor Paul McCallum decided to have a brain fart right there on the field and kick a 30 yarder off the side of his foot. I was thinking perhaps he was wanting another manure delivery on his drive way. [Remember how unforgiving the Saskatchewan fans were?]

I wouldn't have blamed Paul if B.C. had lost the game though his 30 yarder did open the door for the Esks. I kept remembering how each time B.C.s defense stalled the Esks and the Esks had to kick the ball back, B.C.s offense could not muster up a first down. That is what would have lost the game, not just McCallum's poorly timed off the side of his foot kick.

The Esks scored the major. Now, with less than a minute remaining on the clock, the ball on their own 35 and down by 4 points, Buck and the boys decide to wake up and come to work. Fabulous, sensational, unbelievable, miraculous [a little lucky :lol: mind you] but a truly remarkable pass and run play to win the game. Gerory had double coverage [some say even triple]. The 2 Esks covering him decided to play pin ball with each other. Geroy makes a spectacular over the shoulder game winning, game saving catch. What else can I say? I only feel sorry for the Esks fans who left after their team scored what they thought was the winning TD or worse, any Lions fans who changed channels in disgust. lol

I love the CFL! Congrats B.C. Lions.

I only caught the last 1:30 of the game (damn work!) but I caught the most important part.
It is still worrying our offense has yet to put together a full 60 minutes this year but its also good to know we have more potential that has yet to be shown.

It is still worrying that the DB’s can’t even put together a quarter of solid ball. Over half way in and the rest of the team is improving but the DB’s are in a time stasis.

I wonder if Jason Clermont is regretting his decision to leave B.C. for Saskatcewan? I mean he went from being a integral part of a team to a after thought. Sure he is a hometown boy, but he still has a lot left to give and it boggles my mind that they are not utilizing his skills and talent. :wink:

How about old Baron Myles - he looked like he could have laid a big lik on Fred Stamps on 2 of his big catches but seemed to wave at him instead kinda like the Eskimos did to Geroy. Oh well - that's why we watch and they play. Still who doesn't like to beat the piss out of the Eskimo's and on their home field too - mighty sweet. You have to flip over to Edmonton's CHED 630 to intensify your pleasure after a game like that to hear those poor bastards cry.

I'm amazed that they aren't using him. Good news for us, bad for Riders fans. He is just getting wasted there. I'm still bummed out he's gone...

yeah Baron Miles isnt wrapping e'm up like he used to, they seem to be bouncing off him or he misses, and Phillips doesn't want to tackle at all , ive noticed that for years, there have been times where he could help finish a tackle off but he just doesn't get in there, his helmet must look like it just came out of the box. And Marsh is the worst as a defender, but a good tackler.

What more could you ask for when you walk into the frozen tundra and steal back a game they almost stole from you! Team played well, slumped a bit in the third but found a way. Great game to watch on a Friday night. Wish I was there. Glad I was warm.

A few thoughts:

Nice to see Geroy have a good game. I don't know if it was Paris not being there or if Bucky was looking for him, but it worked and it was fun to watch.

Secondary was a primary problem. Not sure if it was the coverage being called or just bad execution but it wasn't pretty to watch. Aside from Marsh knocking down everything for about 5 minutes, they lacked a presence.

Bucky got the job done. He should have gotten a few more first downs, probably would like the third quarter back, but at the end of the day, he got the job done. Doesn't seem worried about taking a hit either.

Wally Buono just beat the CFL record for Wins by a Coach, set last week in a win over Saskatchewan. Two in a row baby!

Aside from Marsh knocking down everything for about 5 minutes, they lacked a presence.
Actually that was Banks, he had a good first half. Marsh doesn't go near the ball likes it got H1N1 or something, he waits till the receiver catches it then tries to contain or tackle after the fact. Knocking a pass down?.....not Marsh.

mookie you are probably right about Phillips. I was fortunate enough to get his team autographed "Bob" claw helmet from last year and it looked like it just came out of the box, except for a few scuffs (looked like it was dropped on a concrete floor or something). In all fairness though, I think they only wore that helmet for a single game.
Someone else mentioned that they did not see much of Phillips, I think Edmonton did not throw the ball his way too much.
Thank goodness for Banks, he had a pretty good game. When he doesn't, we are in for a lot of hurt.

Right you are about listening to 630 CHED after a Esks loss. It's like someone died and went to hell or something like that. It is actually more entertaining than the game itself! It was even more entertaining when Brian Hall hosted Points After. The weirdo's really came out of the woodwork then!

Actually that was Banks,

oh yeah. good points.