Lions @ Esks - Gameday Thread

Should be a hard fought, close game. Esks have some key injuries in Perry and Tucker. Lions will probably be missing Geroy Simon tonight and Kahlil Hill will be taking his place.

From TSN.CA:

When the B.C. Lions battle the Eskimos tonight in Edmonton (TSN and TSNHD 10pm et/7pm pt.) they will be without the league's No. 2 receiver.

Geroy Simon left last Friday's game against Montreal in the fourth quarter with a pulled hamstring and hasn't practiced all week. He travelled with the team to Alberta, but the chances that he could aggravate the injury will most likely keep him on the sidelines.

Taking his place at slotback will be Kahlil Hill, who has been practicing with the first-team offence all week in case Simon wasn't able to go.

"He is a big target and he is fast and he'll burn you," Lions head coach Wally Buono told the Vancouver Sun.

The 29-year-old receiver has only been with the Lions for three practices and is trying to learn the playbook as quickly as possible.

"I don't have to absorb the whole playbook, I just have to absorb the game plan," Hill told the Sun. "It just means a lot of late nights and a lot of early mornings, reading and memorizing. I haven't got too much sleep because I've been studying so much, and I'm here [practice facility] so early studying game film. But it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. I mean, I could be at home [Phoenix] not playing. So I'm not complaining."

The Lions enter tonight's game tied in the West with the Eskimos at 3-2 and will try and gain some ground on the undefeated Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The banged up Eskimos look to stay undefeated at home tonight, but will be intough against one of the league's top defences.

The Lions, who lead the CFL with 12 interceptions and 15 sacks, are sure to create headaches tonight for Eskimos quarterback Ricky Ray, especially Lions free safety Barron Miles, who leads the CFL with four picks.

Ray likes to throw the deep ball and knows Miles will be a threat.

"He's a guy that plays deep, but he recognizes a lot of things that you're doing and jumps a lot of passes," Ray told the Canadian Press.

Miles is excited by the challenge of going up against Ray and the Eskimos tonight and will look to add to his interception total.

"Ricky is throwing the ball deep. That's new," the 36-year-old told the Edmonton Journal. "That's exciting for me. I mean, the ball is in the air. (That gives me) opportunities."

It's going to be tough without Simon but if the Lions can start quickly out of the gate they should win this one. My heart says BC but my head says Edmonton (we always have a tough time in Commonwealth).

Lions win 27-24.

It's going to be tough without Simon but if the Lions can start quickly out of the gate they should win this one. My heart says BC but my head says Edmonton (we always have a tough time in Commonwealth).

Lions win 27-24.

Everyone has a tough time in CW. I predict a close/entertaining game as well.

Lions 37
Esks 19

Lions 37
Esks 19

Just because you say it twice, doesn’t mean it will come true. 8)

I was thinking that, too!

I was thinking the Lions had an advantage with Tucker being out but now that Simon's out it's a wash. Could be another last second FG type of game.

Is Logan still on the roster now that Joe is back??

...I wonder if Logan and Smith approached the locker room door together, would one hold the door open for the other?...

Joe would be too busy collecting pop cans and bottles to hold the door for anyone. His hands would be full.

I suspect that he didn't submit it twice. In the last week, maybe two, I have seen many duplicate posts - I think it's a bug with the website (surprise??). Just a few minutes ago, I saw one of my posts that I submitted three days ago show up this evening ... and it even displays the date of three days ago, yet it is in with today's postings (i.e. not in chronological order). Strange ...

Very good game so far by both teams. Looks like the field conditions are once again an issue at Commonwealth.

Love the Jackson to Jackson.

That TD runback last week sure has boosted Smart's confidence/play. He's finding holes and is hard to bring down now.

^^ They almost connected for another one.

Paris has sure stepped it up tonight in Geroy's absence. Good first half by the Lions, particularly Jarious and Paris. Defence looks great too.

For Edmonton, Kelly Campbell sure is a dangerous player. The field conditions have limited Tristan Jackson's impact tonight it seems. What's up with the crowd booing the Esks?

The Jacksons almost connected for another one.

I'd be booing, too. They just plain suck! I've seen teams suck before, but they're the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!

Seeing lots of Eskimo belly tonight.. lol.. The other league would've mounted at least 30K in fines.

Lol Chief, not sure how you did that.

Could Nowacki have been more open? Not sure if that was a blown coverage or if the Esks did some Offensive voodoo there that had the Lions completely fooled.