Lions @ Eskimos

Last game of the weekend again. We play the BC Lions. Messam seems excited to play his old team. I liked his comments near the end. It sounds like he understands he was given a second chance.

One other article I read on Messam before the deal went down was; Ray was also asked by the Eskie Brass and confirmed it to be a go ahead move to bring him in. So far so good. The weather outlook for tommorows game will be sun shine all day.
Lets Go Eskies.

I missed the fourth because I went out to have a few beers with my sister, and by few I mean... hey, forget about it. lol

One thing I like about this team is they start off quick. 11 points in the first quarter. That's awesome. Does anyone remember the game against Winnipeg last season? That was hard to watch. I think there was a rise in alcohol related deaths after that game. :lol:

But this new Eskimos team is starting off quick.

The other thing I'm not completely sold on is the O-line. There are times when it seems like there's just far too much pressure on Ray. It's not a bad O-line, but it's not a great one, either.

Anyway, we're 3-0, so let's celebrate! :smiley:

I agree about the O-Line Chief, on the other hand Ray is leading the league in completion % and average yards per catch, that is outstanding. They're 3-0 with definite room for improvement. I wasn't sure about hiring a first year HC and OC, I've never been so happy to be wrong. Hopefully they all continue what's been started.