Lions @ Eskimos

Oy... not a fantastic start. That kick was brutal... but at least he was able to get it off. Of course, the Lions still get prime field position. :?

Definitely a bit of an ugly start. Both teams shooting themelves in the foot early on.

On a positive note..pretty nice locker rooms! Impressive.

what a move, what a run.

Lord... I'll give Robertson credit for deking out Peach, but the two "tackles" after that were just pathetic. I thought I was watching pee-wee football.

And the locker rooms do look nice! :thup:

Printers and Ray are getting worked.

Is it me, or does this game feel like pre-season? :expressionless:

Ribs first into the table. He's gonna feel that tomorrow. :?

Can someone, ANYONE tackle for the love HELL!

wow, i dunno about this turf...seems very slippery when wet.
making for some less-than-pro looking football.

still, very interesting.
printers and ray looked very good before the rain made the field and ball difficult to work with.

I don't know... it took way too long for the Edmonton offence to get going. Early on Ray overthrew a couple guys, and it didn't look like he and the receivers were always on the same page. Here's hoping they work things out at halftime.

Oh, and someone needs to show the defence how to tackle. If they can't improve that, Robertson is gonna kill us! :?

Schultz kills me. They showed Printers going into the table, and Schultz said, "That hurts, man." :lol:

What stands out to me so far. . . BC's offensive line is weak, and as you put it Chief, your D is having trouble tackling. If that line would give Casey some protection, then we'd find out how good (or otherwise) the rebuilt Eskimo secondary is.

im pretty sure the eskies offence was firing on all cylinders to open the game, then the 2 penalties and ray got sacked hard and turned the ball over...then the rain started and its been a different story for both teams.

Hey Chief, remember how you said the Lions would win by about 7? Looks like you were right! :smiley:

Unfortunately, I missed the opening drive, but everything after that didn't look good. Now it looks like the offence is clicking. I think the biggest thing is Whitlock looks like he's picking up where he left off last season, which is nice.

Game ain't over yet. :lol:

Well Chief one thing you guys better figure out, and fast.

Korey Banks is officially the SAM linebacker, but they're moving him all over the field. . . blitzing, dropping back as a second safety, etc. . . you'd better try to figure out how not to let him hurt you so much, and how to try to take advantage of his vacating position from time to time. . . so far I rate him the defensive player of the game. . .

Can't say I like the look on Kelly Campbell's face... :?

Maybe he already knows it is in fact over? :smiley:
But srsly, ya, he does look like hes in a world of hurt.

Well, Gordon was having a good game until the refs decided to be idiots. Interference? Riiight...