Lions @ Eskimos

This is a huge game for the Eskimos. I know some people don’t like the expression “must win game,” but this is definitely a must win for the Eskimos. A loss would pretty much end their season.

With the way this team is playing right now, I can see them finishing 8-10 with losses in Toronto, in Calgary, and in B.C. If they lose tonight, that record changes to 7-11. Game over.

Their only chance of making the playoffs would be if Winnipeg completely falls apart, but seeing as how Winnipeg has been playing decent football the last two weeks, I just don’t see that happening. So tonight’s game is a definite must win.

The offence needs to get it together. Strasser needs to get the QB and the receivers on the same page. The running game appears to be fine. It’s all on the passing game… which just sounds incredibly weird to say. :expressionless:

The defence is playing OK. The D-Line will need to step up and knock Buck Pierce around.

It should be an interesting game. Ordinarily, I’d feel fairly confident with the game being at home, but seeing as the Eskimos aren’t protecting the home field this season… I have a bottle of rum nearby just in case things go south. :lol:

...I suggest you strip down to your underwear, pour that entire bottle of rum over you, put a metal bucket on your head and run around the neighbourhood....just looking out for ya buddy....

A friend and I are already known as the neighbourhood drunks, so I'm not sure that's such a good idea... :lol:

I feel the same also Chief although more optomistic; win tonights game, back to back wins against Toronto, a loss more than likely in Calgary, Lions will be hungry in the last game of the season so thus: Eskies go 9-9 or 10-8. Yikes :? your doctor I recommend you still do it, seals your place in neighbourhood history...

Eskimos by 5

Relax Chief It's in the bag.

The question is "What Edmonton team showes up". I hope Hall shows some emotion on the sidelines , if not I think his Coaching career may be short . No Rum for me tonite , but lots of Tylenol and Cough syrup. to keep me Buzzing.

See, I'm not so sure we can sweep Toronto. I know that team is looking bad right now... but so was Winnipeg, and they beat us. So far we haven't won a single game in the East, so I'm not ready to count the four points for that back-to-back just yet. I'd rather wait and see what team shows up tonight.

:lol: You're a bad influence, red. :P

"As your attorney, I advise you to rent a very fast car with no top. And you'll need the cocaine. Tape recorder for special music. Acapulco shirts. Get the hell out of L.A. for at least 48 hours. Blows my weekend." :wink:

...chief, with pigseye and I behind you how can you go wrong?...

I love how Glen Suitor was saying earlier that the Edmonton defence is still trying to find the right combination. Week 14, and we’re still trying to find the right combination… What does that say about Daley?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ragging on the defence tonight as they appear to be playing well so far… I just think it’s interesting that it took us this long to find a half decent defence. :roll: I certainly won’t shed a tear if Daley is handed his walking papers…

I see the offence is playing like crap. Rector gives up a fumble. Just had a two-and-out. Whoo… :?

Where’s that bottle of rum… I may be cracking it open earlier than I thought.

BTW, as if there’s that much snow in Edmonton. :lol: When I saw how empty the stands where, I thought, “Where the hell is everyone?” Then I saw the piles of snow. I certainly don’t envy my sister (she lives outside of Calgary). :lol:

Who's calling the plays: Kevin Strasser or his three-year-old kid? Some of these plays are sooo painfully obvious... Cripes. You know, I was willing to give this guy a shot... but if after five weeks he still can't move the offence (what do we have, one first down in the first quarter?), then he can join Daley in the unemployment line. Bring back Worman. At least with him we were able to move the ball. This is pathetic.

/sigh :x

Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or did Stamps actually catch that? Holy crap... :roll:

I'd like to know where this attacking offence has been hiding for the last month... It's about time they started letting Ray air it out... though those two endzone passes were thrown a bit too high and long.

Guess we wait and see if the Eskimos can keep it up or not.

Hey Chief are you drunk yet ? That first half was painfull bring back Worman for sht sake. I can't belive the confusion on Offence .
and Strasser was supose to be an improvement over Worman.
Machocha really is trying to destroy our organisation.

RR looks lost out there, the Esks are lucky to be just down by 9.

WTH happened to open season on Buck Pierce??.. Is that hunting season over??

What the hell is with this team? Can both units not play well at the same time? The offence picks up a little bit of steam at the end of the first half, so how does the defence respond? By giving up first down after first down, and taking stupid penalties.

Yup, time to crack open that bottle of rum... I think the Eskimos only scored because they knew the fans were on the verge of rioting.

Stamps is a beast tonight!!!