Lions, Elks Injury Reports: Breaux limited on Tuesday

TORONTO — The BC Lions and Edmonton Elks have filed their first injury reports ahead of their meeting on Saturday at BC Place.

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Oh, crap. The Stove's injury was an Achilles. Crap....crap...crap.

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I hear ya. Darned few players rehab that part of the body in time to get back in the lineup before season's end. When it happens to a key player like Richardson or Maston (one of the stars we were counting on) it's like a death blow to your roster plans. :grimacing:

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That's a long list of hurt for the Elks. Maybe camp was too competitive.....

Yes and fortunately Alberta has a wildlife rehab centre now and you guys no longer have to euthanize your injured players. The Elks will go far this year!

(We're still going to eat them, but they'll be going farther) :smiley: :+1: