Lions, Elks injury report: Reilly remains limited in practice

TORONTO — The BC Lions shared their injury report on Sunday, ahead of their game on Thursday in Vancouver against the Edmonton Elks.

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BC Lions are the biggest sandbaggers to ever grace the CFL. Reilly is injured? Sure he is. What a load of crap. The guy goes out and throws 40-60 yard bullets against Calgary. If I were Edmonton, I would be preparing to play against Reilly the sandbagger.

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Sad jealousy from 0-2 land.

Not jealous, just pointing out that BC is making a mockery of the injury report. If the CFL wants interest betting on games, they have to get a handle on this. I realize it is small potatoes but I went all in on Cal in my CFL pool based on BC announcing Rourke as their starter. Then for the 2nd week in a row, they do the exact opposite. If I placed any significant money on that news, I would be pissed. Just be honest, that is all I am asking. Say Reilly is a game time decision - fine. But putting out a Pressor that Rourke is starting when they know darn well he isn't, that is just dishonesty in my opinion.

I totally agree and Mike Reilly even said "I DONT CARE" I'm here to win football games and this makes it very easy to cheer for lions losses from here on in

Betting is your problem 100%, not Reilly's not Campbell's not anyone else's.

If the league doesn’t fix these games the lions are playing than nobody will ever take this league seriously

Oh this is so exciting the games that the lions are playing ! Oh will Mike Reilly start or won’t he !!! This has me on the edge of my seat , this is so breathtaking the lions are soooo sneaky

Maybe you are right that Us Stampeder fans are feeling a bit jealous. (Although most likely properly defined as dissappointed) But that at least is honest. Pretending their star QB is injuried after the performance he put on in Calgary last week is PURE DISHONESTLY. If that is the only way a Team can post a victory can anyone actually have confidence in their dishonest ways?

It’s called Gamesmanship.