Lions Dominate, On Field and Sidelines


Banks and Co. yack back at Roughriders fans in Regina

By Lowell Ullrich,
Vancouver Province

REGINA -- Total domination, in the mind of defensive back Korey Banks, is not simply achieved when the Lions play in one of the CFL's most hostile environments and overwhelm the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Winning, it seems, is just a nice bonus if you also can get into the collective heads of the paying customer, or at least those who make it their business to hurl both abuse and assorted objects at the Lions bench.

That's an up-close conclusion from watching some of the Lions play the crowd as hard as they did the opposing team on the field Friday.

Like a visit to Niagara Falls or Don Cherry's clothier, spending time alongside the sideline of the visitor's bench at Mosaic Stadium is a slice of Canadiana that must at least be digested once in a lifetime.

The abuse starts early, and can be prophetic.

"Hey, Dave," one loudmouth blared at quarterback Dave Dickenson not a second after the end of the anthem. "How's the nose? You're going to have a headache tonight."

To coach Wally Buono: "Wally, being on the field is not good for your cholesterol, you know."

Even Regina realtor and Lions slotback Jason Clermont gets no slack.

"Clermont, I need a house."

And this was on a night when the Riders gave their fans hardly any ammo.

That's where Banks comes in, however. Not content with non-stop chatter on the field, Banks also has made a point since joining the CFL to make contact with the same Regina fan seated behind the Lions bench so he can converse while off the field as well.

Come to think of it, Banks says, he does that in just about every CFL city. Sure enough, no sooner does he spot Chris Oyka before kickoff, which is not hard to do given that his shaved palette is painted Rider green, the two engage in a non-stop verbal battle.

"It gets me going. It gets me cross," Banks says later. "I know if I make a play I'm in their heads."

Clearly, the Lions are into all forms of intimidation allowable.

"Boy, it's awfully quiet around here," says tackle Rob Murphy to the crowd as the Lions pile up their lead.

Same goes on the field: "Get down on your knees," linebacker Jamall Johnson yelled viciously at Saskatchewan quarterback Kerry Joseph.

The security presence was no greater than at B.C. Place Stadium and there were roughly the same number of streakers and other in-game field visitors as many Lions home games.

At least nobody tried to tackle a game official. But when the outcome was in hand, cups and bottles started leaving the hands of the fans, launched in the direction of the Lions.

"It wasn't good," said Clermont, who bought 40 tickets for the game, one for each recent house sale -- and one reason his return to Regina as a free agent next season is seen as a given to many locals.

"It's too bad because they're pretty smart fans and they pull out some pretty funny lines. They don't stick to the normal 'you suck'."

No, they sure don't. And the Lions wouldn't want it any other way.

"Pretty typical night," veteran Barron Miles said when asked for a crowd assessment. "The thing is, they don't seem to get what they're doing.

"They don't seem to realize the more they talk, that just puts fuel in our fire."

Yes it reminds of the first time Burris went back to Taylor field and some fan yelled to Burris your not worth a million bucks. Nik Lewis sitting facing the fans. Yelled back thats not what your wife said! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Football is cool.

The only noise I heard from Rider fans was them booing their team off the field at halftime.

Except the final burn was on Burris, who in fact is not worth a million dollars. So Nik Lewis can stick that in his brown paper bag and huff it.

Also, i'm pretty sure it gets to them sometimes.

Well severedhead (ha ha ha) that day I believe they embarassed the riders but that is okay you keep thinking that. And did I mention it BC was really effected by it as well with their win as well. You have to like the Riderfans they sure get into it. Tell me RLR they were not booing their team were they. It had to be something else tell me it is not so. :lol:

redwhite, they were yelling "Luuuuuuuuuuuuuu" for Passaglia, not booing their own team, right? :wink:

You are probably right. I can not see Rider Nation booing their team off the field. I guess we will no hear that it did not happen. :roll:

Lions dominated defensively and won the game on 38 points off 7 turnovers. Lions offence may have been a little stale but the D deserves the credit. Sometimes games are won by the D or the O or Special Teams or sometimes all three.

That is a lie.
You must have heard more Rider fan noise than that.

. . . Oh, I get it. You are trying to act like BC fans along with the Lions are the super invinceable winners of the sports ultra awesomeness championship of athletics and sportsmanship.

You mean they aren't? :wink:

Go Lions!

redwhite, I was more making the point that the fan was right. Burris is not worth the money.

As for us booing our own team.... cheering for them wasn't working lmao! Seriously though, I always yell for a QB change when Kerry craps the bed. I also scream at Armstead to run forwards (not side to side or backwards) when returning the Booing is too far though, i'd never do that. I think 'those people' were among the many people in Sask who use these games as an excuse to get drunk. It's boring here, that is the only explanation for why most fans are so awesome or in this case, out of line.

Blame booze and isolation lmao!

I believe you. No problem. But the Nik story is true. It seemed right after that there was a lot of silence. He thinks he has the power. Anyway good luck in your next game.
Some rider fans wife thinks he is worth a million! :lol: :lol: :lol: