Lions' dismal performance against Calgary August 19

First game I was able to attend and disappointed big time! Not because they lost, but the way they lost. "Flat" is one way to describe it for sure but as far as I'm concerned the Lions stunk the joint out. I was shocked at hoe off Manny Arceneaux was. He is one of the premier go to guys along with Burnham and Gore. At one point Jennings was 10 for 23. That's 43% in passing completions. Holy moly. Dismal!

Had the Lions lost a close one I would have been disappointed but in a good way. To lose like this was downright embarrassing.

My concern is the Lions' D. The defence has allowed [on average] almost 35 points a game in their last 4 games. That is a lot of scoring against. Compare that to their first 4 games when the D was allowing on average about 18 points a game.
I cannot account for the huge uptick, pretty much double in the last 4 games, but the bleeding has to stop. When the offence is able to rack up 41 points and lose the game as the Lions did against Calgary a few weeks ago, when the offence puts the team ahead by almost 3 converted TDs and lets the other team back in like the Lions did with Hamilton last week there is a problem. A big problem!

I have been impressed with the Lions all season- even when they let the game against Calgary, in Calgary slip through their grasp.

To be honest, I was expecting a Lions' romp over the Stampeders. Woah. Did I ever read that wrong. Just how good are the Lions? I think they are very good...... but are they as good as I think or hope? The first game against Calgary was a squeaker with the Lions beating Calgary 20-18. Should the Lions have won that game? In hindsight, no. Parades missed an easy FG. The Lions win.

In the Lions/Calgary rematch, the Lions are up by 15 points going into the last 5 minutes of the game. Calgary ties the game and goes on to win the game in overtime. It was a result of poor overtime play calling in my books but the fact is, the Lions were up by 15 points and were dominating a very very good team.

In the game against Hamilton a week ago, the lions had a commanding 20 point lead and let the Ti-Cats back into the game. Hamilton actually came back to tie the game in the dying minutes and the game could have gone either way.

I think the Stamps made a real statement last night. If the Lions came out flat there is no excuse. Calgary came out wanting to win this game and they showed it in their play.

Most people who have been active in sports know that there are times when it doesn't seem to matter what the team does, it all goes wrong. I've been there as I'm sure most of you have as well.

I would like to think that is what happened last night. I would like to think the Lions were just having a bad night and to add insult to injury, the Stamps were having a sensational night. That might help the pain go away. But ........ on this occasion is that what really happened? A defence allowing 137 points in the last 4 games cannot be ignored.