Lions did a number on the Argos

Game was actually a bit boring in the second half, the Leos were so dominating that it wasn't exciting anymore.

I am happy with how Glatt played, two interceptions, 3 tackles, and (almost) at TD. Very Happy

Way to go, Javy!

Yes and From Hamilton Fans Thank you..

not a great game, but we’ll take the win!!! glatt played awsome, and warren who??? smith is getting the job done, and wasn’t a one game wonder!!! dickenson made some mistakes, but over all had a good game, and that catch my simon in double coverage is what we need more of!!!

let’s go lions…and bring on the esks!!!

I'm happy for the win, but I don't think Toronto played very well either. I'm looking forward to the game against Edmonton, because how they play against the Eskies will help put last night's game into better perspective.

It was nice to see Joe Smith power his way into the end zone for his three TDs, instead of being stood up at the line of scrimmage time and time again. We may just have a running back!

As for Glatt... He must have been wearing a cloaking device, because Allen kept throwing the ball right at him. I hope Glatt has the decency to send Damon a thank-you card! :lol:

I agree Bybailey, how does an experienced Quarterback like Allen not see Glatt…Twice!'s not like Glatt is a little guy...