Lions did a number on the Argos

Game was actually a bit boring in the second half, the Leos were so dominating that it wasn't exciting anymore.

I am happy with how Glatt played, two interceptions, 3 tackles, and (almost) at TD. :smiley:

Way to go, Javy!

Hopefully, the Argos will pick it up the next time.

Both the Cats and boatmen need to step up to the plate and show the West that the East is the beast of the CFL!

Joe "Tochdown" Smith had another 3 touchdown game

Smith is doing a hell of a job out there, much better than Warren has in recent memory.

...Smith and Glatt...too much for the Argos....Congrats. Leos.... :thup:

Glatt got a sack also...

Thank-you, B.C., for keeping Toronto as far away from the Als, & Bombers as possible by beating them last night!! :thup:

Glatt played well. I still miss Simpson though!

The guy who had a terrible game was Baker, no catches drops four balls and looked like he had no interest in the football game. A few more games like that and Craig Yeast will be in a Argo uniform..

I know Allen has been out for 6 weeks and will be a little rusty but I think it's time for him to hang em up.

The Argos have bigger problems than the fact that Damon Allen is old. How about a sad O-line that can't open up holes for whichever back happens to be playing in any given game? Receivers who have no interest in hanging onto the ball? Questionable playcalling from Kent Austin? If the Argo D weren't so solid, they'd be winless right now.

The Argos should have let Prefontaine kick the 1 point convert. The guy is their most consistent player. It was the only time they got him close enough to score. Give him the stats/bargaining power. The singles were just good punts. That's what the guy does.

Maybe next time they'll let Prefontaine QB the offense...