LIONS DEN & Pre Game Parties

Did anyone of your guys went? Not many peoole showed uo on the Lions Den (Friday night), Butt the Sunday pre game party had more fans..
Tthe only thing worng was that no players from this years Liuons roster. showed up... The lions fan (myself included) were really pissed off....We couldn't believe the Lions organization trow a party and noit one of the players shower up... What that is says???? are they tottally out of sinc with the organization?? Do they not care about the fans. C/mon it was at home and they didn';t have a game to play this Sunday. WE meet quite a few players from Toronto who came to the parties here this week and you would bumnp with them all over. They ame here at their own expense and where connecting with the Argios fans and CFl fans.... That was nice... But we could'd get one Lions player at their own company party.. Do they really hate thir boss or they don;t care about their fans.... All year they were asking us for support and the last day at the party we came and the Lions Players gave us the finger........ .
PS there was a good group of former Lions players... Thank you guys.. But the players on the 2005 rooster leave nothing to remenber.

Jason Clermont showed up with his family on Friday night to the Lions Den party at around 9:00 or so. I was just leaving but I saw him get in.

I did get disappointed a bit too, but I guess I understand that maybe they don't feel like coming and smiling to crowds when they have just lost the Western final few days ago. They will do tons of promotions in the off season for sure.

Go Lions! :wink:

Nice to know he was there..... , BUt c'mon we the fans were sad also, but we showed up all clad in or orange gear.. And quite a few aToronto players were around... Hell I saw more Toronto players than Lions players.. I love those guys, I love Ackles, but I am worried that there may be something worng with this organization, there seams to be no unite at all....

Hopefully that unity will return.