Lions Defense vs Rookie QBS

I guess the Lions can only stop a QB that they have played for the last 5 years- Rookie qbs seem to eat their defense up and expose all the weak dbs that the lions have--

THe lions are all about thier pass rush- When their rush is quiet, their secondary is one of the worst in the entire cfl, no one can stay anywhere near their man.

Its time to scrap LULAY and CHAPS and get a new O line--

This is absurd, they cannot even make a forward pass without getting it REJECTED by the Defensive line--

The lions are really frustrating

THis is the worst secondary group I have ever seen. Bruce is going nuts, he might get 400 yards receiving lol abusing Philips and Bell.

Okay BC, vacation is over, I guess if they feel interested and have some professional PRIDE, they might just show up to play vs HAMILTON--

Its also possible that they could care less--

This O line in BC is putrid- They are all fat and slow- they need some real football players and not fat hillbillies--

Its PRO football, not hillbillly football

STUBLER Of course sends 3 guys to rush at the end of game GIVING MARSH plenty of time to set up shop and survey the field==

I am officially finished with the CFL-- I was a supporter but can no longer support a mickey mouse league where players look like they dont practice and coaches is completely inept-

LIKE BLITZ the rookie and you could win this game but give him 5 second to throw a 60 yard pass at the end of the game-

Scrap a 6-3 team because they need 1-2 guys on the line huh?

smart...right up there with a rock.