Lions' defence proud of historic shutout win

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions earned just their third shutout in franchise history on Saturday night in a 22-0 win over the visiting Edmonton Elks.

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ZERO CHANCE they put a goose egg up on the Bombers in IG Field this Thursday. The streak ends at two for the kittens


whatever you say bro. you better hope that post ages well. :slight_smile:

ZERO CHANCE that this post doesn’t age like a fine wine. Even if our entire starting lineup goes down because of injury, we’d still put up 25 points :100:

this isn’t Blue Bombers Fan Chat forum

And yet, im still not wrong🤷

why exactly are you like this? how old are you?

Agism?? That doesnt sound very professional for an admin​:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

no ageism i just don’t like unecessary childish behavior.


100% agism. My behavior has nothing to do with the time ive been alive on Earth. If my posts offend you, then thats on you. Regardless, im pretty sure that me boasting about the best team in the league has you bent outta shape, not my age. See you on Thursday

lol. i am not bent out of shape at all. coming into a post game topic that didn’t even involve the Bombers and making all kinds of grandiose statements about your team seems kinda immature.

Nobody said bent outta shape. I said offended. Also, is this your first time on the internet? Because if it isnt, ive got news for you. Compared to that, ive acted like a gentleman and a scholar. Also, where does it say that i cant comment on a Lions post saying that they arent going to put a ZERO up on the best team in the league? Ill wait

Edit: i did say bent outta shape. My bad😉

Ok guys. Let’s get back on topic.

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Who invited the ref?:rofl::rofl::rofl:

there’s only two guys in this topic and one is you.

I think you get offended a little too easy…

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oh dear this didn’t go well for you

Did the Lions put up a goose egg? He was right on that.

Lions defence :+1:

DC Ryan Phillips deserves a TON of credit

"The three-time defending West champs continue to field much the same roster, as does B.C., and for as good as it has been, this Lions’ offence is nowhere near where it was at this stage a year ago.

The answer is the defence and while there are plenty of individual player accolades to be handed out, that all starts with Ryan Phillips and his masterful defensive game plan.

Coming off a week in which his unit pitched the franchise’s first shutout since 1977 and made the Edmonton Elks look like a bad U Sports team, Phillips opened up his safe and pulled out a perfect formula for beating the Bombers. The genius was in its precise balance of pressure, keeping Zach Collaros unsettled while never letting him escape the pocket and create big plays down the field with his feet."

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