Lions Decals / Stickers

I was trying to track down some information regarding team issued stickers that the Lions may have issued over the years. I believe the Lions still produce decals but I'm not sure whether they do this on an annual basis. This year I believe the decal had the image of a paw. As indicated, I'm not sure whether they produce a unique one each year as it doesn't have a season or date on it. I know the Lions used to produce annual decals with dates as the earliest one I have is from 1960 and the latest from 1995. I suspect they created one in the years in between but I was trying to confirm this.(The early 1960 decals were water decals and have very nice graphics). Any information would be appreciated - I'm trying to track down some of the decals I don't have and any information / help would be appreciated. If anyone would like to see pictures of some of the decal - let me know.


call 604.589.roar and get them to send you some

We've had seasons tickets since 54', they come with the tickets every year. My memory only goes back 30 or so years but iirc, they were numbers by year up until the mid 90s, then they went to a generic one.

This years were a white sticker helmet, and one of those clear ones you put on the inside of the window, an orange paw logo.

I know this sounds simple, but I’ve found lots of nostalgic stuff at garage sales. Or, (even more morpid) an Estate sale!

I found some old 1970’s Canuck Programs and Vancouver Blazers (Remember them). All at garage sales.