Lions dancing on our Logo at center field during walkthru

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Matthew Scianitti?Verified account
4m4 minutes ago
Brandon Banks @speedybanks87 saw @bclions dancing on @ticats logo during the Lions walkthrough at Tim Hortons Field. Here’s his response; sounds like he has something on his mind @cfl @CFLonTSN #CFL

BC just wants to stir the boiling pot and see if the Tiger-Cat players react or not? I’m doubtful if they will at this point maybe Ti-Cat fans will react more or disapprove and decide to cheer or make more noise tomorrow!


DANCING…Mackie looked like he was hit with a stun(ed) gun LOL

Where’s Hayley Wickenheiser when we really need her ?

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Absolutely great reference, Pat. Let’s hope or guys respond in the same way!

You have to earn your stripes to cross the logo

Well that’s what comes of canning the dance team. You have to make do with dancing Lions.


That's a big NO NO in sports . Hopefully someone will do a little tap dancing on a few of the Lions heads tomorrow afternoon to teach them a little bit something about respect . 8)

I find the whole “don’t step on our logo” thing to be one of the most tedious, nonsensical things in sports. It’s like something out of pro-wrestling.

As if a logo is somehow sacred, ugh.

Oh the Lions are going to get so crushed tomorrow…

Not if coach has anything to say about it.

Agreed. If you consider the logo sacred, why paint it on the ground?

Then what is sacred ? Your momma?

A logo carries great meaning. It's your brand, your reputation. A logo symbolizes the prioritization of winning. It's a seal that preserves that unfailing promise to a fan base willing to make the sacrifices to see it through. As well it is there to serve as a reminder of all the greats and their pioneering that have gone before... and most of all, a symbol of hope of better things to come...

Exactly, it SHOULD mean something, especially if someone is deliberately gonna go out of their way to deface it…

Ha! “Your Momma? talk is about as silly as venerating a logo. You don’t know my mother, i think, is the answer to that one.

(I have to admit I am impressed wih Katmandu’s passionate bit of writing on logos as holding the promise of the future)

Dancing, albeit poorly, on the logo is maybe no big deal, but the gesture of doing so while the team cheers, certainly reeks of disrespect of your opponent. To me it says they expect to dance on the Cats in the sense of a humiliating defeat.

Perhaps it is just the exuberance of youth. I’d be surprised if Wally Buono condoned it.

I agree, but if the players see it as a symbol then it simply is. It could be a motivator!!!

It is totally unacceptable to be disrespectful to a CFL teams Logo


Aren’t we just aping the Lions by disrespecting the Argo logo? Kind of hard to call the kettle black if you are the burnt pot? No pun nor reference to marijuana intended nor implied!