Lions' D and Brink to get acquainted

How nice of the Bombers to invite our Lions to Thanksgiving dinner. It appears that the BlueBombers may be inadvertently serving up more than just turkey this Thanksgiving. Let's hope Brink gets acquainted with our D real quick.

Young Alex Brink will be starting at QB for the Bombers in the Lions/Bombers rematch. At only 25 and a backup QB he's not had much experience in the CFL.

The Lions barely squeaked out a win against the Bombers last week at 16-14. It wasn't because they got lucky but had B.C. been playing Calgary or Saskatchewan or perhaps even Hamilton, Lulay may not have pulled it off. I'm not sure why Winnipeg decided to go with Brink. I didn't think Jyles let the game get out of hand.

This Brinks thing is an interesting twist. Go over to the Bombers' forum and read some of the comments. If ever the Lions had a chance to put some separation between themselves and Edmonton and solidify their playoff hopes it will be Monday October 11 when they face a Bomber rookie QB.
But the Lions have to be sure not to assume anything or there will be other turkeys besides the ones being served up on turkey platters at the dinner table.

It would seem that the Bluebombers and Lions have a lot in common. Interesting contrast to Edmonton though. In spite of their trials this year, they've stuck with Ricky Ray through thick and thin. I wonder if that might pay big dividends between now and the rest of the season? I wonder if in fact, they might just sqeek by the Lions and Bluebombers, and upset the Stampeders or Roughies? Stranger things have happened.
As far as Monday's game is concerned: You can already predict what the media's headlines are will read: "Lions brought to the BRINK" It's inevitable. I think this will backfire on LaPolice; it's a bad move. I'm surprised. I thought Jyles had a bad game, but prior to that he was looking not too bad.

"Lions brought to the BRINK" ~ pastasteve

Excellent pastasteve!!

Pasta Steve - you're freeking me out. I couldn't have dreamed up a more fantastic paranoid twist to the season than Edmonton being lead out of the basement to the Grey Cup - and all because they stuck with Ricky Ray! FAR OUT MAN!