Lions could host Western Semi-Final

I did not think it was mathematically possible but the Lions could host the Western Semi-Final by finishing in 2nd place in the west.

Here's how I figure it:

  1. Lions need to win their 3 remaining games to finish off strong. The Lions finish with 22 points on the season.
  2. Edmonton loses 2 of its remaining 4 games but beats SSK twice. Edmonton finishes with 22 points.
  3. Lions would need to beat the Esks by at least 8 points when they meet for the last time since each team would finish the season with 22 points.

Edmonton, SSK and B.C. could all end up deadlocked at 22 points when the season finishes. The tie would go to the Lions.

This could all change of course depending on what the Lions do with their remaining 3 games and how the Esks and SSK do.