Lions continue with pruning

Just saw on the homepage that Otis Floyd was also released.

So, uh... Is Wally going to have a team in 2009...? :expressionless: :lol: He seems to be releasing an awful lot of people.

He's released 3 and freed up $500,000 in cap space. Sounds good to me :smiley:

exactly and its not like the LIons were in first place. Wally is just reloadong.

He's got his eyes on all of the talented free agents that are out there....he's gonna try to snipe as many guys in their prime as he possibly can, while getting rid of guys who might only have 1 or 2 more years of prime-time play left in them.

I honestly don't believe this is the case. I think that they have some scouted guys that they want to bring to camp. If you are cutting 3 guys because of money, you aren't going to go out and blow it on 3 other guys. They will use the 500 to sign 5 or 6 guys.

BC finds guys. Murphy, Rasouli, Wake, Jackson, Pierce, etc. They have a good scouting department and GM in place. I'm sure they will have guys to fill rolls.

Buono tends to release older expensive players who underachieves. Unlike some sports, there is an oversupply of football players and colleges produce stars every year. Some positions are easier to replace than others. Someone once said that the average career of a pro football player is roughly 5 years. So changing personnel is the norm.

Very rarely does Wally dip into the fre agency pool. Unless it is a dire need and they have not scouted for that postion

Hmmm....good point. Hey, how does the salary cap work for the CFL? I think that in the NHL, if you cut a player then a part of his salary is still counted against your cap space, for as long as his contract would have existed. This is part of the reason why the Stars can't just cut Sean Avery right now. Is the same true for the CFL cap?

NHL you can't cut a player. There contracts are guarenteed. So if you send them to the minors you have to eat every penny. Buyouts can occur only during certain times not during the season I belive and its for 2/3rds of the value remaining on contract and it counts against the cap the ammount you bought out. CFL it does not work the same. If you cut a guy I belive thats it cause you are not paying them anymore.

Wally's always been very good at cutting guys loose at the right time and picking up good solid replacements. He normally doesn't go to free agents but if you look at what's out there, how could they not at least put some offers out there?

i think wally is making great moves. opened up huge cap space and there are some big time free agents on the market. he is doing a fine job refacing the bc lions for next year, wally is oneof the smartest guys in the cfl/

Never a good move to question Wally's GM moves. He's a master not only at finding good talent, but at knowing just when to cut existing talent and bring in someone better. As GM and coach, he knows exactly what his team needs going forward, he'll pass Don Matthews as the winningest coach in CFL history within the next few years, and nothing he does is without purpose.

something is brewing in B.C. all these cuts and now a request for a player to retire, i think the Lions are going to try and make a big signing? who? a new QB coming in? definetly something is in the works.

It appears the housecleaning with the B.C. Lions is not over yet. According to CKNW Radio in Vancouver, the Lions asked defensive lineman Tyrone Williams to retire over the weekend.
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My bet is he is trying to free up as much cash as he can to try and match an offer an NFL team would make, likely the minimum which I believe is around 385,000. If he continues releasing guys like this he will have no problem signing Wake to a 400,000 dollar contract.

I have to agree.I'm thinking he is going after either Ben Cahoon,Anthony Calvillo or perhaps even both.

Why would he cut older players to go after...older players? :roll:

This is just Wally being Wally. He didn’t have the team to win it all last year, so you make some changes. Nothing more.

I don't know... I know this is a business, and the main objective is to win... but to be honest, I'm not seeing a whole lot of loyalty here, and that kind of turns me off.

Look what happened to the Argos when they remained loyal to aging veterans.