Lions confident on QB spot, whatever 2023 may hold

If the BC Lions seem to have been quiet in the off-season, well, it’s because they have.

They’ve signed new American players recently but a quick look at the Free Agency Tracker shows that there are just four moves in the Lions’ pending free agency den at the moment. Bryan Burnham announced his retirement on Dec. 6 and the team has extended kicker Sean Whyte, along with offensive lineman Andrew Peirson and defensive lineman David Menard.

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evidence that the Lions have a new contract in place for Rourke if he chooses to stay with Lions this coming season. i’m not sure how, but i’ve seen rumours that the league and team have found a way around the rookie deal thing.

Rourke is not coming back to the CFL. He will get an offer from the NFL for a lot more money. Even as #2 QB he will likely get 1 million a season if not more. In the CFL the salary cap roughly around 6 millions. In the NFL 220 millions. Most players go after the money so they all want to play in the NFL for more money. Only players that is not good enough for the NFL are coming to the XFL or the CFL.

Additionally, players on active rosters in the NFL will after a set number of vested in the pension plan. Shrever will make more over his life on his NFL pension than what he would have made if he stayed in the CFL

If Rouke gets a real shot at making it as a #2 on any team he would be a fool to pass that up

Even if all .he did was to stick long enough to qualify for that pension

I do see him making it as some teams back up next year and if given the.chance to play eho knows ..... look what happened to Garcia

No offense to Rourke but I doubt he'll be offered a QB2 position. Bo Levi in his prime was advised by NFL teams to stick with the CFL instead of practice squad or QB3 and I think that will be Rourke's option as well. NFL might still mean a lot more money but he will have to choose between Cash and never playing or Starting for the Lions.

No offense, but Rourke is twice the QB in his rookie season than anything HoBo ever was or could be. The team around Mitchie made him decent, Rourke is likely the best QB I've ever seen in this league for checking down every option for passing, and assessing whether to pass or tuck and run. (and I've been a season ticket holder off and on since the early 70's) His instincts are incredible. The league hasn't seen the likes of him since Flutie.... UNarguably the best CFLs player of all time. Rourke a very close second, and given a few more seasons here, would surpass Flutie.

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To your point about Flutie. Rourke stands in the pocket better than Flutie and that arm and accuracy has so far (early days I know) exceeded Flutie who did throw a number of interceptions within an amazing career. I would love to see Rourke win a season in BC and build a stronger body for staying the pocket and then see if a QB2 option opens up in the NFL. As a CFL fan it was so good to see BC place full and Rourke bringing in the crowds across the country. More of that this year would be fantastic.

I'm relatively new to CFL football but I think Nathan Rourke plays more like a seasoned veteran than many seasoned veterans. If he eventually comes back to the CFL and one or more other young nationals of similar caliber come up I would hope we could see fewer empty seats in stadiums and maybe even some sellouts. MAYBE even in TORONTO.


IMO with a over abundance of awful QB play down south would not be surprised to see him start somewhere


I agree he could very well be a started down south. He is the complete package. and he could start there immediately.

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I would say staying in the pocket is a decision each QB makes after checking down and makes the decision to move out or flee based on the circumstance. I think that said, Flutie was a midget, and the receivers were not as good as they are now, so Flutie had to flee earlier than Rourke. The receivers in BC (almost all) read the QB's situation very well and capable of helping Rourke just deliver the ball rather than flee, and they'd come up with unbelievable receptions. Flutie did NOT have that luxury.
also, since the Lions receiving group (Burnham et al) were far superior to Flutie's group in B.C., ergo, more coming back and fighting for the ball.
My comment about Flutie being the best CFL player of all time wasn't just my opinion: TSN Top 50 CFL Players - Wikipedia


If he signs in the NFL now he's looking at 2-3 years of big money watching his NFL teammates play football vs 10+ years of decent money competing for the Grey Cup. If he can stay healthy and really does turn into the next Flutie he will get a real NFL chance in a few years. Selfishly, I'd prefer to see him come back to the Lions so I can watch him play.

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Well for those who doubted me. Canadian QB Nathan Rourke signs with Jacksonville Jaguars.

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Another possible landing zone for BLM, no?

Vernon Adams' worst enemy is Vernon Adams; he makes a mistake and you see him beating himself up.

no way.

BLM BC bound? Don't say it's impossible.

It's not impossible and considering the Tiger-Cat front office ineptitude, I'd bank on it...

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Bo Levi Mitchell hasnt signed with Hamilton yet and has repeatedly stated he is waiting for free agency. Its possible BC will go after Bo next month.

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not sure why people think Bo or Fajardo or MBT are a fit for any team, especially the Lions. those guys should be in rocking chairs. yes i know about MBT’s padded stats and GC. Lions would do well to stay away from all three. i would certainly take VA as my starter over all of them.