Lions-Colts Height-Weight Comparison

the colts are still not the fatsest tem in the nfl

I disagree. SOME players are more skilled. It is wrong to make a sweeping generalization that NFL players, the implication being all of them, are more skilled than CFLers. Some are. Some aren't. Can the argument be made that most are? I dunno about that. Skill is largely subjective anyway, but the talent pool for both leagues is the same. If you buy the argument that enormous amounts of cash guarantees quality, I don't, then every team in the NFL should be as good as any other team and there should be perfect parity. Obviously that's far from the case.

Different game, different types of players at many positions, equal quality at many. There are many reasons why a player doesn't make it in the NFL or the CFL. Talent and skill are only two of many factors.

I know I've said apples and orange twice now, but i've also said it's hard not to compair the two leagues (partially to show, and validate all the reasons Ours is better... hehehe :wink: )

How about a statistical comparison.

Top 3 QB's (Att/comp, %, yds, TD/INT)
Top 3 RB's (att/yds, average, TD, fumbles)
Top 3 WR's (rec/yds, TD, drops/fumbles)
Top 3 DL (tkl, sacks, TFL)
Top 3 LB (tkl, sacks, TFL)
Top 3 DB (tkl, int, int yds)

any takers? high five?

The difference is closer than people think, but [b]in the whole[/b], NFL players are more skilled.
The NFL has more teams, more money and more spots on individual rosters.

For the most part, the best players in college, try out for the NFL first. Therefore, the chance is far greater that the NFL evaluators will hold on to the good ones and let the rest go. They are not always perfect in their evaluations, which means that good ones still trickle down to the CFL. But again, on the whole, the NFL gets first crack which means that more of the good ones will end up in the NFL than in the CFL.

Why not? I’ll tackle these on the weekend…after the Argos bomb the Bombers!

Maybe…but an old friend of mine and CFL fan always used to say its about the entertainment value. This kind of stuff is sometimes intangible to measure.

Besides, sometimes it’s not just about talent or skill, but the needs of the team and the positions that need to be filled. With all the talent in the US, I think it’s easy to let go or miss quality college grads, espcially when there are a limited number of opportunities :cowboy:

I agree. I enjoy watching the CFL much more than the NFL. The rules and the larger field in the CFL, make it a much more fun game to watch. I would love to see an NFL team play under the CFL rules and on the CFL field. Just to see how they would adapt.

Here, here!!!

hey, high five, that’s awesome that you’re going to do that! are you going to post a new thread? i’ll be lookin’ for it. can’t wait infact, especially when it comes to QB yardage, and RB average carry. this’l be good.

Perception is huge.

Terrell Owens is still regarded as one of the biggest receiving threats in the NFL. BUT he's dropped more balls already this year than Fantuz has dropped this entire season. I'm a huge Cowboys fan so I'm not trying to rip Owens, but media presentation does alot for how a player is viewed because no one is suggesting that Owens be benched while EVERYONE agreed Fantuz needed to be benched.

Trust me, I'm not saying Fantuz is in the same category as Owens (He's not, yet) but no one in the media is saying the Cowboys can't trust Owens.

Top 3 QB’s (Att/comp, %, Avg, TD/INT)


Kevin Glenn – 592/373, 63%, 8.3, 25/12
Henry Burris – 471/285, 60.5%, 9.1, 34/14
Kerry Joseph – 441/260, 59%, 8.9, 24/8

Ricky Ray had a 69.9% completion percentage before getting injured.


Tom Brady – 169/229, 73.8%, 9.3, 27/2
Tony Romo – 150/239, 62.8%, 8.3, 16/9
Carson Palmer – 141/224, 62.9%, 7.7, 13/9

Tom Brady is on fire! A truly exceptional season!!

Top 3 RB’s (att/yds, average, TD/Fumbles)


Joe Smith (6.1, 224 lbs)– 273/1482, 5.4, 18/2
Charles Roberts (5.6, 171 lbs)– 262/1379, 5.3, 16/6
Jeoffrey Reynolds (5.10, 218 lbs) – 214/1231, 5.8, 2/5

Jesse Lumsden had an incredible 7.6 yard average before getting injured.


Adrian Peterson(6.1, 217 lbs)(Min) – 108/670, 6.2, 5/2
Willis McGahee (6.0, 232 lbs)(Bal) – 146/639, 4.4, 2/1
Edgerrin James (6.0, 220 lbs)(Ari) – 155/603, 3.9, 4/3

Michael Turner of San Diego has a 6.5 yard average on 32 attempts.

Clearly, it’s tougher to move the ball on the ground in 4 down football.

Top 3 WR’s (Rec/Yds, Avg, Long, TD)


Terrence Edwards (6.0, 171 lbs) (Wpg) 79/1279, 16.2, 67, 9
Nick Lewis (5.10, 205 lbs) (CGY) 67/1001, 16.4, 85, 5
Geroy Simon (6.0, 198 lbs)(B.C.) 67/1097, 16.4, 55, 4


Randy Moss (6.4 210 lbs) (NE) 47/779, 16.6, 51, 11
Chad Johnson (6.1, 192 lbs) (CIN) 44/731, 16.6, 56, 3
Braylon Edwards (6.3 215 lbs) (CLE) 37/669, 18.1, 78, 9

The top three NFL receivers clearly have the edge on size.

More to come. :cowboy: