Lions-Colts Height-Weight Comparison

In an effort to explore the myth of CFL-NFL size differences, I have again taken a closer look at the active rosters for the defending Grey Cup champs and the defencing SuperBowl champs. Here's how the BC Lions and Indianapolis Colts match up:

Average Height:

Lions - 6.13 inches
Colts - 6.10 inches

Average Weight:

Lions - 237.27 lbs
Colts - 237.23 lbs

If I had the time, I would do a full comparison of the leagues, but I've got to work for a living. You can verify my numbers by going online and copying the active rosters into an excel spreadsheet. :cowboy:

I think the Colts are one of the smallest teams, they’re built on speed I’d like to see a breakdown of the Vikings or the Bears.

Go for it. The Bears are bigger, not sure about the Vikings. :cowboy:

The talk has always been that CFL players and smaller than NFL players. I want to know the facts. Assessing skill level is a more subjective matter, as the same player may excel with one team and bomb with another, or peak later in his career. Keep in mind that about 30 of a 50 man CFL roster has had experience in the NCAA (including a third of the Canadians). :cowboy:

Don't quit your day job...

but the best football talent is in the ncaa ranks coming out.....there are players who could make cfl rosters who never got drafted in the nfl size doesnt mean anything because at 6 foot 7 330lbs with out the proper training isnt anything.i feel sometimes alot of guy up north fail to realize how much goes into football int he usa look at this jim tressell is the highest paid state employee in ohio and he a college football coach at 2 million a year. its crazy i really dont care where the people from are on my teams i root for as long as we win to be honest

I agree that there is no correlation between size and skill. I would also agree that the earlier you play a sport, the more resources available, the better the coaches and the more people who play, the better the pro athletes will be. The contribution of Canadians to the NHL is a case in point. I also don't care where the players are from, as long was they win in style. I think we're pretty much on the same page. :cowboy:

quite often players coming from teh south are asked to drop pounds, but this is because of the greater need to move laterally. and hey, why compair two leagues that play completely different games? i'd say it's a moot point, but i'll admit it's hard not to.

NFApples to CFOranges

Glad to see you've fixed that Capslock button Sandusky.

I've got a pet peeve with these misperceptions. :cowboy:


Interesting stuff! Good posts.

Wait, hold on a second High_Five, what do you mean misperceptions?

The NFL feild can fit inside ours, and still leave 30yards left over, plus the sidelines are shaved down by 15 yards, and an extra down to get ten completely changes playcalling.

They have one less man on the feild, can only put one player in motion, who has to be set for 2 seconds before the snap.

there is no nuetral zone at the line of scrimmage, and the offence has twice as long inbetween plays to snap the ball.

Special teams are seen as nearly irrelivant in the us, and more often than not the returner calls for a fair catch, killing the play. our feild goals don't have ten yards tacked on for next to no reason.

I bet i could go on. Now aside from revenue, generated by a massive population difference, maybe the better players do go to the NFL, but i'm not going to say this is decisively the case, because on both sides of the border there are players that flop in one league and flourish in another(Riki Williams?).

I'll look for your rebutal because I'd like to know what I am misperceving about how they are two different games.

thank you

Both leagues are basically drawing from the same talent pool. Both leagues look at the NCAA as well as the CIS and Canadian Junior League (similar to CIS but operates outside the university/college envelope). In fact it in not uncommon for both leagues to occassionally look at individuals who have never played a football. There is cornerback in the CFL (Browner i think) originally drafted by NFL never played football in his life, was a college basketball star.

The skills/abilities for both leagues are slightly different it doesn't mean one league is better then the other. In the CFL there is more of a need for quickness (not necessarily sprinting speed) across the board in all positions. That isn't always the case in the NFL. For example: we have defensive ends who will drop out of the pass rush to pass cover a running back coming out of the backfield in a blitz situation. In NFL a number of your wide recievers could be world class sprinters.

Hmmm. Well, a lot of my NFL lovin buddies are always laughing at me when I talk about the CFL. So I've been doing some research, only to find out that a lot of their misperceptions are just that, misperceptions. I don't have any misperceptions (that I know of). But given that you asked, some of the common misperceptions that I have heard are:

CFL players are smaller and slower
CFL players are less skilled
CFL games lacks sustained scoring drives
CFL games are boring
CFL is a bush league
CFL is not as popular as the NFL in Canada

I could go on, but you get my point. I love the CFL and feel it doesn't get a fair shake amongst ALL football fans in Canada. I'm on a crusade man! :cowboy:

Interesting topic....

Overall size comparison is difficult with the extra player. It changes the mix of "draught horses" and "thoroughbreds" (or thoroghbreds for you NFL guys).

So the only comparison that means anything is QB to QB, RB to RB, line to line, etc.

You make some good points, I'm just not sure how useful it would be to do this type of anlaysis? As I mentioned, I used all the players on the current active rosters. I'm not sure if this would benefit the CFL team or the NFL team, as NFL teams typically carry more players on their roster and also carry more specialized, special teams players... :cowboy:

Interesting for sure. Either way you cut it though, at the end of the day, the CFL will always have the image to some or a certain percentage of Canadians as not worthy enough of a pro league to watch since it just isn't the NFL, despite how good the players in the CFL are. Which is sad to me but the way it is.

I got your point loud and clear High5 Good Job.

Apples and oranges. I'll stand by it too. Two completely different games.

The comparison between the Colts and the Lions, is not a fair one. Bill polian (ex CFLer) and Tony Dungy have designed their team and more specifically their defense, to be smaller and faster. The rest of the NFL, in general, does not follow that template.

I don't think I am misperceiving anything, when I say that the NFL players are more skilled than the CFL players. I think the misperception is in how much more skilled they are. The difference is closer than people think, but in the whole, NFL players are more skilled.