Lions Coaching Staff?

Why is it?
That when ever us Fans are wanting to whine about the Coaching on this team, our arrows are always pointed at Buono being Fired, or Chapdelaine being Fired, or Benevides either being Promoted to Head Coach ( What a stupid idea, that one is!) or Benevides being Fired ( Not a bad idea there! LOL) but…for some reason, the “O” Line Coach always goes unmentioned?
Our “O” Line (as I have previously mentioned) is a total embarrassment, at best.
Yet, in spite of Lulay running for his life, with every single game that goes by, and with each Loss that continues to pile up, not one word is ever mentioned about Dan Dorazio or his side kick in Kelly Bates?
I really do not know much about Dan Dorazio and what his back ground is, but…I do know…that our “O” Line under his guidance and coaching , has to be one of the Worst “O” Lines in this league, for yet another year!
Last year was a total joke, and this year, in spite of adding a supposed Stud ( Who now looks like a Dud!) on the left side, (during the off season) our “O” Line is still the Joke of the League.

Yet, not one word about Lulay getting Sacked “6 times” in our last game, and being Forced to run for his life, with each and every game, that he plays.
I was just watching Sports Page ( Or what ever they call it now?) and there is Angus Reid, being interviewed, about tonights game, and it made me Turn It, and HIM Off.
The Lions all have their “Rona” and their “Scotibank” Logos on their jerseys, as that is who they, or the League, are being Sponsored by.
In the case of Reid and Valli, and the entire “O” Line , you would think that Charmain with their advertised “SOFT” ply Toilet paper or may be “Downie” Fabric Softener might want a piece of that advertising action and sponsorship.
The Lions “O” Line is consistently getting their Ass’s wiped, by every “D” LIne that they have faced, this year and last.
You would think…that some Toilet paper company, would want the Lions “O” Lines picture, to be on their Packaging for their BUTT wipe!
Nothing Softer out there on the market , to wipe your BUTT with, than with the Lions “O” Line.
Kelly Bates coaching the “O” Line?
He is a Carbon copy of Angus Reid and Dean Valli’s …Mr. Rogers “Golly Gee” attitude and SOFT approach, towards playing the “O” Line.
Hey …just because some one once played that position badly, does not mean, that they are going to be anymore successful coaching it.
Seriously, us guys all like to whine and bitch, about why this and why that…and we all want to have every one Fired, when we are playing as we are.
But, like come on!
Someone, has to notice, that our “O” Line is a complete JOKE!
And…If you want a real Laugh, no one has to look any further, than at Reid and Valli.
WHY?..are these two, still in the line up?
Like I said before, the Sedin Twins, are Meaner and Tougher and play a more Aggressive game, than these two Fat “Out of Shape” Pillows are.
If any one needs to be Fired…it is Coach’s Dan Dorazio and Master Bates.

The Lions of 2008 and previous were bigger and stronger guys, Rob Murphy, Jimenez, Clermont, Otis Floyd, Jamal Johnson-

Wally has built his team with semi pro talent in the O line- Everyone knows that Valli and REid are SEMI pro players playing in the CFL--

The LIons never dominate and I have yet to see an O line knock a D lineman on his ass off the ball--

THe entire Lions team is Finesse- THey are completely undersized-- A big part of their issues is O line, as their patterns are all long develipping patterns, which require the O line to give the QB time.

Wally has always been hidden by other guys who do their jobs well, REID and VALLI are being hooked up because they are local guys anc community guys- They tALK WELL, pretend to be good, but in reality are garbage pretty much--

We are the laughing stock of the CFL- anyone who wants easy money come to BC, hmm Korngagay, Arland Bruce, who is next a 49 year old JERMAINE COPELAND?

The ARGOS fired their defensive coordinator, as he looked worse than BENEVIDES- No one is accountable in BC and thats why you have guys like REID and VALLI playing and making a CFL salary--

Wally is dropping the ball in terms of assessing talent since he has taken over the team.

WOW.......I have gained a new respect, for the Gridiron Guru!
Errrrrrr......I guess I should say re:phrase that , and say, that I have found a hint of respect, for the Gridiron Guru. LOL
I wonder?, if the day will ever come, when I can make that same statement, about the Beaglehound, some how...I highly doubt it!
But, all kidding aside, you are exactly right, and have hit the problem with the Lions, right on the head.
It would seem as if Wally and the Lions image, are more concerned, about having sub par Football players and Above and Beyond talented Ass Kissers, ( Like "Golly Gee" Reid, Lulay and Geroy) playing for this team, than having some actual Players, who are bred and molded to WIN!
Rob Murphy, Jimenez, Clermont, Otis Floyd are all really GREAT examples as to what is missing off of this team.
Well said ( For Once ) Gridiron Guru.
Hey.......we are just getting ready to head out the door for the Game tonight.
My offer still stands.
I'd Love to meet you, and put a face to that Mouth of yours! lol
And if course, buy you that Beer, at the Half.
But.....I'd love to extend that Free Beer offer, to our other "know it all" Football Expert, who comments on every single Topic, that comes up on this Forum.
Ya, I am of course talking about Beaglehound!
Nothing would make this game tonight, any more entertaining, than meeting you two guys, for a Beer.
Seriously, how could you ever turn down a Free Beer?
Just to have the chance , to actually meet and have a Laugh, would be well worth the $14.00, for some Shitty tasting Beer, and some good sarcastic conversation.
I'll be there in Section 226 Row EE and Seats 114 - 115 ( Visitors side), lets all put some Faces, to all of those BIG Mouths, of ours! LOL
See ya at the Game!

"WOW.......I have gained a new respect, for the Gridiron Guru!" by backer@empire

He's patronizing you, you idiot. Don't you even know the difference? ROTFL

And as far gaining your respect backer@empire goes, having it means about as much to me as the toe jam between my toes. If I were sitting where you are I would try gaining a little self-respect. Think about it before trying to kiss butt.

Just a little hint for you backer@empire. Rather than trying to buy the friendship of others on the Lions forum by plying them with offers of free beer hoping they'll meet with you at Empire Field try acting a little more civilized when you post. You are the only one I've ever seen on this forum or any of the other CFL forums call other members idiots, stupid, morons and tell them to "SHUT UP". You are the only one I've ever seen who has displayed homophobia and accused others of being gay when you've lost an argument. You are the only one I've seen repeated use the F-bomb and other vulgarities. And YOU call it all just "kidding" and sarcasm?

I've met two regular posters on the forum here at actual Lions games over the games. And it was time well invested. This is not something I take lightly. They were both true gentlemen. Never did they speak condescendingly to other posters though they may have not always have agreed with what others have said.

Quite frankly I find your manner rude, gross and socially unacceptable. It would not be time well spent to ever join you at a Lions home game to share a beer with you. Thank you but no thank you.

Feeling a little insecure are you Backer? ROTFLMHO Can you never express an opinion in just a few simple sentences? I didn't think so. The only reason clowns like you use the F-bomb is because it's got only one syllable in it which poses a challenge for you in itself. You don't even know how to spell the word! lol

"You prove my point." by backer@empire

You couldn't make a point using a pencil sharpener so give it up. In the meantime have your son [if he knows how to read] keep checking Craig's List for those mud flap job openings for you. Once you have a job you won't have to live off your kids and you'll be able to afford you own seasons tickets. Oooops. Sorry I forgot. You've not been to a Lions home game since 1994!

"Your "Day Oh" post, was a nice piece of work" by backer@empire

Thanks for the compliment. I thought it was too.

By the way, no need to give your seat location at Empire Field. Everyone knows who you are. It's easy to spot the little runt wandering aimlessly around the concourse with the beer gut, large tub of popcorn and florescent L on his forehead with the "DUH" look on his face. The L for loser of course! ROTFL You would not be hard to find unless of course someone steps on you.

Here's a tip for you..... Zellers I'm told has a sizeable picture frame department. It's time to replace those recycled toilet seats you have the family portraits framed in. Tacky, very tacky.