Lions clinch post-season spot with road win over Elks

EDMONTON — The BC Lions have punched their ticket to the Grey Cup playoffs with a 37-29 win over the Edmonton Elks on Friday night.

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Tre Ford may or may not be the next Flutie or Cavillo, only time will tell on that, but he seems to have that intangible quality of making others around him better. That’s helping him, & his team through his learning curve. If that curve keeps heading upwards it bodes well for the Elk.


I knew going into this game the Elks have improved and there for have become dangerous. It was going to be tough going but when the going gets tough… the tough get going. Right into the playoffs :beers:


The Lions have been building for 3 years now & have a ton of starters in their prime. They had something to play for. Ford was in his 9th start, most of the team is just learning to play together. Half their usual starting lineup are 1st & 2nd year players.

I see them as a playoff team next year but probably 2 years away from challenging. The good news for Elk fans is that the core of the team is signed for next year. They hung in for the game on the scoreboard in a game that shouldn’t have been that close. Pretty much what you can expect right now & good enough at this point of development IMO.


A nicer balance of play selection for the Lions, rather than going for the bomb all the time.

I’m not saying Adams sucks, but he’s throwing INTs like Fajardo.

Funny seeing Cottoy beside the DBs. The DBs come up to his shoulders.

Bombers Lions either finish one two or two one.
Riders keep giving the Stamps and Elk a chance to close the gap but they just cannot do it.
Whom ever the third place team ends up being is just looking to be cannon fodder for the second place team in the West this season.
Elk are looking very good but have a hard late season match up for the last games.
Cowtown has way to many injuries and besides they were never really playing great football all season.
Riders really not have improved late in he season when teams should be running smooth and hard if they want to contend. Some players seem to be mailing it in?

Well, several good things happened this week for the Elks.

  • They got down early and didn’t get frustrated and give up, and take a bunch of stupid penalties.
  • The Elks realized they can hang with a top 3 team.
  • The Elks offence realized they can move the ball effectively against a top rated defence and went 2 of 2 in the red zone.
  • The Elks defence held BC to 2 of 4 on their visits to the red zone.
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Lots of reasons to be optimistic. The ‘fire Jones’ crowd seems to be on hiatus recently. Nice to see them gelling as a team.

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There was nothing that made me happier in those weeks than when Board Chair Tom Richards stood up and said they were sticking with Jones. The Elks saw enough change over the three seasons before he got here that it was really part of the problem.

All the boneheads yelling that the coach was the problem were not paying attention. We needed a QB and a team leader. That guy who looks at the scoreboard that says 21 for them 3 for us and says “Lets go catch up…”

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As a side note, I’m actually feeling a little sorry for Cornelius these days. He tried, he failed, & now has too sit on the sidelines. That’s got to be a hard thing for his pride to swallow.

I always thought there are two ways to react in that situation. Learn from where you are, watch the field, study film, work with your OC on getting better. OR you go sulk in the corner and feel sorry for yourself.

I think he picked the first option. He has been a great team guy. Not a word of complaint.

True, no whining in the press, or trade demands. He’s been a pro about it, but I can’t remember the last time I saw him smile. Tough spot he’s in, like a dead man walking.

Don’t know about the dead man walking bit. He has a seriously good skill set. He was never “Canadianized” as a QB - IE:he had no one who was successful in front of him to learn from and I didn’t think McaDoo’s play calling did him any favours either.
It will be interesting to see where he goes form where he is.

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That contract of his means something has to give sometime, you can’t pay that to a bench warmer. Like I say, a tough spot for him.

Just checked his contract because I thought I remembered that there was guaranteed money and indeed there is.

Cornelius is under contract in 2024 for $370,000 in hard money (plus $40,000 in potential incentives he won’t get if he doesn’t start), with $100,000 in guaranteed money.

I’m pretty sure that contract can’t be traded so either the Elks keep him and pay him at least $370,000 or they cut him and pay him $100,000, which would be dead cap money. I don’t know the terms of Tre Ford’s contract.


I would bet Corny will take a restructured contract if they can work one out. But who knows. Wait and see what happens…

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