I see that the Lions have now clinched a playoff spot. The worst they can do is seven losses and the best that the third place eastern team can do is 8 losses so a crossover is guaranteed even if they lose every game the rest of the season (not likely).

However, as an Als fan I have seen what can happen if you win early and lose late. You start to go through the motions and momentum is lost in the playoffs. Just look at the BC team that squeaked into the playoffs a few years ago with a losing record and then went on to win the Grey Cup.

I think Wally will keep their attention up after last weeks loss. I'm predicting two more losses. One against Montreal in Montreal, and maybe Winnipeg Upsetting the Lions on a frozen snowy field next month.

ya the lions play well at home under the dome, and reasonably well outdoors. i expect future losses to be away

Sportsman , somehow I don't see a loss coming at the hands of the Bombers , Riders maybe , Bombers no.

lions won't lose again to the esks...and defanitly not the bombers!!! sask is the one to be in top shape lets have a good weekend lions!!!

BC Lions will finish the season with a 14-4 with all the losses away...Saskatchewan, Montreal and Edmonton again. :mrgreen:

hey guys i know the bombers are having a bad year being a fan mself, but they did take a win over montreal in the 3rd highest scoring game of all time. And it is canadian football, never underestimate a team no matter what the record is. is that a playoff spot at home? when do tix go on sale?!

It is not a home date yet. They could still finish fourth but would then get into a crossover (not likely). I think that all the teams in the west, except Winnipeg can stil catch them if the very unlikely happens that they lose the rest of their games and the others win most or all of theirs.

I think the lions might lose one or two more... hopefully against Edmonton again :slight_smile:

At least look at the schedule before you post that the Lions will lose IN Sask.... if they do... it won't be until next season... both the remaining games against Sask. are at HOME... the remaining away games are... Oct. 10 in Win... Oct 16 in Mtl.... and Oct 28 in Edm...... the remaining home games are... Sask Oct 1st and Nov 5th... and Win. Oct 22...

I think the Lions will end up 15 - 3 or 16 - 2... i think Sask might pull one out on us and ruin our perfect home season... and the other loss might come in Mtl... but i don't think the Lions will lose to Edm. twice... and they should be able to take both games against Win.

Well it seems to be happening. Same thing that happened to the Als a couple of times. Win and clinch early, get complaisant and go into the playoffs on a downturn and get beat by a hungry team that knows you can be beat.

BC better pick it up over the last four weeks or suffer the Als fate they will.


Boy were you ever out...

The Lions better pull their heads out their A@#$% or they will find themselves with 5,000 fans in BC Place next year

Yeah for sure because the only thing they got clinched as of now is a trip to Commonwealth for the semi final.

True, the Leos need two wins to guarantee first, or 1 win, and an Eskimo loss.