Lions claw their way to win over the Stampeders

CALGARY — Despite a historic evening from Calgary Stampeders’ quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell, it was the BC Lions who managed a 20-point fourth quarter offensive expulsion, ending with a last second field goal as they completed the comeback win over the division rivals.

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Great come back win and that BC QB is for real.

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How do I love Rourke? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
Etc., etc.
(don't tell my wife)

Missing from any posts on this game is the usual cabal of stamps fans.
Oh yea, Most of them only post after the Stamps win. I wonder why that is!


It is very clear that almost all of them only post after a win or to go Ha Ha if a team they dislike such as the Bombers lose. As a result I disregard their opinions completely.

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not all of them but pretty much all of them...

Well the reality is that the Stamps will very likely have to win road playoff games in both BC and Winnipeg to get to the big game. That is if they don’t fall back farther by continuing to lose to the two big guns and your team starts winning and beating them head to head, in which case a crossover might be in the cards, if that. I wouldn’t invest in Stamp futures until 2023 at the earliest.

Not entirely sold on the idea that the stamps chances are lost...or for that matter that what is wrong in the Rider camp is anywhere near to being addressed either.
After all, one does not have to dominate the regular season to win it all you just need to dominate in playoff games

Well the Stamps chances aren’t lost with certainty, but they are not finishing first for sure. If they win their next 2 games against BC they could still finish second. If they don’t third is realistically the best they can do. As long as the Stamps rely on Bo and the pop gun offence they showed in the second half last night I don’t see them going anywhere. Their defence is very good and had a great start to the game but when you are on the field most of the second half and all of the fourth quarter fatigue sets in. No disrespect to Bo, who has had his day, but if you are matching him up against Zach and Rourke you are bringing a knife to a gun fight. I have seen posts by several Stamps fans that aren’t sold on Bo either and they appear to have a very capable backup whom we haven’t seen in any meaningful game action this year. Maybe Bo getting hurt and missing a game or two would be a blessing in disguise.

I don’t know about your Riders. They have not met my pre season expectations and I wouldn’t call last night’s win impressive. They need to fix their O Line to have a chance. I still always pull for them when they aren’t playing Winnipeg. They have a daunting schedule left and play the Bombers three times yet. The fact that they didn’t get it done against the East this year may turn out to be their Waterloo. They can’t afford too many more losses if they want the crossover as the East teams will post wins playing each other constantly.

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Great Lions win!! Rourke showed great composure after a rough start. I don't think its too far-fetched that the NFL is a possibility if he keeps getting better. That throw to Burnham was incredible, commentators barely mentioned it-more praise for Burnham hanging on to the ball in traffic-well deserved btw. The dome will start filling up, remember we've been bad for a long time-it'll take a little while. Go Lions!