Lions Chris Rainey could be available

More cloudiness for Lions; Rainey not in forecast

Buono hasn’t let it be known publicly whether he has asked general manager Ed Hervey to get something for Rainey through the trade market, but it’s pretty clear the returner isn’t far from requesting his agent ask the Lions to explore their options himself.

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He would fit into our Offence quite nicely! :slight_smile:

That sounds enticing but after reading the article it seems that Buono is somewhat dissatisfied with Rainey. Maybe the Lions have assessed that he has lost a step and want to sell him off at a high price to a team desperate for a returner. Like the Tiger-Cats. ;D

I would hate to see Tillman get fleeced in a trade only to find out that Rainey also can’t produce within our ST schemes.

Not sure he would cost that much
BC will not want to trade him to a West team for obvious reasons
He is a Free Agent at the end of this season so he would be a rental
He is a game breaker, incredible talent and lightning fast

I’d kick the tires. A shot at better field position could be worth the risk.

I guess the question is what would be the cost? We are hitting the injury part of the season, and should be careful on what we have to give up. Jones does like speed on the receiving crew, but who would go?

It’s definitely intriguing . Rainey listed at only 5’ 8" is right up Jones alley with his mantra of liking little , speedy guys . Just spit balling here but I wonder if with the most likely season ending injury to Saunders as well as Williams being shelved for the season if perhaps Rainey could be brought in and converted to slotback as a replacement as well as maybe pulling double duty in propping up our problems in the return game ?

Could send “off side” Westerman in return

Unfortunately, he already went. Chris Williams.

Yes, we may have a roster spot, but would BC give up Rainey for free? I’m thinking they would want a body or some picks in return?

Is say to not trade for him. Let BC release him then go after him. They won’t pay his salary for long and maybe put him on the PR where we can then scoop him. Don’t give up anything other than a late round draft pick at best.

I don’t think we need another RB. Rainey is good but I’d be going after a receiver to replace Williams and Saunders. Maybe Posey, Sinkfield or convince Fantuz to come out of retirement.

while there should be a glut of NFL cuts swarming the collective neg lists of league soon, this doesn’t sound like a bad idea. What will it take really? 3rd round pick? backup Olineman with potential? neg list rights to someone?

kick the tires at least, with Saunders down for the season as well as Williams, that’s a pretty big hole in the lineup.

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.@TSNDaveNaylor says the #Ticats have interest in #BCLions Chris Rainey, who was a #CFL All Star in 2016.

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4 teams have made inquiries about Chris Rainey, 2 from each division, but no serious offers yet. #BCLions are not looking to move him, but will if offer is right as they have some obvious needs. @CFLonTSN @tsn1040 @TSN_Sports @BCLionsDen @cfl @TSNDaveNaylor

Is he a RB or a receiver?
Or a RB that plays receiver??
Or a receiver that plays RB???

I wondering if Buono is just using this whole ‘Rainey may be available’ thing to light a fire under Rainey and improve his production?

Well , if we ever need a car flipped over then I guess that Chris Rainey is our man .

more here about Flipping Cars...... :o

Just what we want with Ottawa coming into town. Hope Rainey puts on a show against RBs.

Maybe we could trade Landon Rice (the comeback kid) for Rainey, we could end up with both players in a couple of weeks. :wink: ::slight_smile:

Landon "The Human Boomerang" Rice