Lions celebrate First Grey Cup

Much like what the Riders did a few weeks back …

Lions are celebrating their first ever Cup this week in Vanny

In 1964 (2 years before SSK!) the Lion’s won in Toronto; over the 'Cats

Many of the players are in town … including Joe Kapp and Willie Fleming

The 1964 Lions were 11-2 and 3 ties … their defense (the Headhunters) gave up an incredible 168 points (16 games)

Non-stop coverage this aft on Team 1040


....I heard that the surviving members of this team will be awarded GC rings during the ceremony....Bob Ackles sought donations from Lions sponsors to purchase the rings to present to the players...back in '64 rings were not given out to the winning team, that happened a year or two after this GC....I think this is a great honour for these guys and shows how important a classy guy like Ackles is to an organization....