Lions can't stop a beachball; questionable officiating

OK, call me sour grapes, poor loser, doomer and gloomer. Pick your favourite cliche phrase. Guilty as charged. Now I'm not saying it would have made a difference between winning and losing to Edmonton Saturday night at Old Empire. But why was our touchdown play in O.T. not allowed? If the ball carrier's feet are still chugging and the pile is moving, why was the whistle be so quickly blown and why was the play ruled as stopping his forward progress? That is the second touchdown head referee Murray Clarke's crew has taken away from us this year. Both of them were plays that could have been pivotal to winning the game. :thdn:

And how does Korey Banks tap Ricky Ray on the hat as he dives over him and that constitutes roughing the passer? He has to be touched when he's on the ground to be considered tackled, right? Banks could have knocked Ray out but didn't, showing restraint. If the referees are going to call QB hook slides that close, then defenders may as well just tee off on the guy, since they are likely to be penalized either way. The number of questionable calls coming from Murray Clarke's crew this year should at least force Jake Ireland to sideline them in the playoffs. :thdn:

And how can McKenzie and Elimimian, two otherwise reliable linebackers, be completely invisible all night? If our ends were pinching down in the first half, shouldn't the linebackers therefore have contain responsibility. If the ends have contain responsibility i9n the second half, shouldn't the linebackers stay at home to scrape to the ball? Isn't this pretty basic, you know, football 101? :thdn:

Now we're in a dog fight for the last possible six points, all of them in games against opponents with better records than a the Lions this year. Hang on kiddies, this could get even uglier before it get better. Two years ago this would have been considered unthinkable, but doesn't Lions president Dennis Skulsky have to consider a change at head coach after this nightmare season is over? :roll:

-Dooger in Surrey. :cowboy:

Being an Eskimo fan I was happy Andre Proux wasn't officiating the game I feel the same way about him as you do about Murray Clarke as far as the Cory Banks hit or non-hit on RR where I was sitting it looked like a Head shot from my angle , When I watched it later on TSN it clearly wasn't that could be why the flag was thrown and it's not reviewable but sometimes in games calls never seem to go your way . Expect a few make-up calls this week-end in Calgary .

to rub salt in our wounds - of course it was the Eskimos who KO'd old Buck Pierce with a flagrant head shot resulting in a concussion when he made the mistake of trying to hook slide - no call. Was that just last year? probably.