Lions call N.C to release Dave Dickenson

Lions have called a news conference for Monday afternoon where they are expected to announce the release of veteran QB Dave Dickenson.

Toronto Argos maybe?

That's the tough think about pro sports, what you did for us yesterday doesn't matter.
Wally threw Damien Allen overboard when Dickenson became available and now its Dave's turn.
I can't see any team giving him a big contract, but one that would pay him more when he plays. Less if and when injured.
Might be a good time to just retire for the good of his health.

The Lions should not have had to do this. Dickenson should have retired voluntarily. Three concussions are enough. That could already affect him later on in life.Why chance another one that could do even more damage?
He has had a great career. I hope he can remember it 20 years from now.

An excellent player throughout his career. It was obvious that with Buck and Jarious at qb, Dave became expendable. Hmm, Damon Allen and Dickensen floating around the league looking for teams… one wonders who would be so bold/foolhardy to take the risk.

I think either Toronto or Montreal will snag him up for cheaper than his current slaray obviously.

Here's a thought - Dickensen comes to the Hammer, another qb controversy ensues, and it brings out the very best in Casey...

On second thought, NAH!

Gotta agree with this. AC is finally starting to show his age and Bishop has shown himself to be too unreliable. If DD can pass a thorough physical, he'll play somewhere next year. I think he'll end up in TO, especially if Pinball moves on.

An Argo-Cat fan

Why should he have to retire voluntarily? If he wants to keep playing, thats his choice. Do remember it is his job and his weekly activity.

Can anyone say Hello Winnipeg..
I could see them Grabbing Dave as a Backup

I can't see him in Montreal. Brady proved himself a reliable QB this year, and Dave is about as immobile as AC so there's really no upside here.

whoknows: I explained why in my post!
Sometimes the player is the last one to be concerned about his future health.