Lions by at least 14 this Saturday!

I'm hoping the Lions' win over Montreal last week [38-17] was not an anomaly or something to be savored for the balance of the season. The taste of victory is sweet isn't it? My instincts are telling me the LIons have turned a significant corner. Certain things happened on the field that tell me the win was not a fluke. The Lions won in convincing fashion. Had Calvillo been playing I still think the Lions would have won!

While the game was still fraught with stupid Lions penalties there were many bright spots. Davis is phenomenal and is capable of giving the Lions good field position. The offensive line was providing something we've not seen all year- QB protection.

I say the Lions will carry this into their meeting against Toronto and prevail this Saturday. Toronto is coming into town with back to back losses against Hamilton. They narrowly beat the cellar dwellers [Edmonton 29-28] prior to these losses. Toronto's Lemon is getting a taste of what defeat means and that will start to play with his psyche. With a potent defense I'm looking for some interceptions by the Lions.

Avoid handing opportunities to Toronto on a silver platter by taking dumb penalties, fumbling the ball or dropping key passes, continue giving Printers the needed protection and Printers and the receivers, along with Robertson will get the job done! I'll predict a Lions victory by at least 14!

Well Beagle hopefully having MacGrath and Newman will help the offensive line abit. I'm hoping that the Montreal game is a start of better things to come in the second half. If they can beat TO AND hamilton the next two games then i think they're on there way.

I heard this a.m. (Team 1040) that Jamal R is sitting this game out in favor of Yonis D; not sure why(?). Beagle, I totally believe the Lions have suddenly become a much better team as a whole. Now we get to see if Wally’s QB execution concerns are valid. Casey should get better protection. I just think Chapdelaine’s plays are too predictable for the D to read. Nevertheless, I’m with you on the 14 point spread in favor of the Lions. Should be a great game; I’ll be there with my boy.

From what I have seen the plays are there I"m just concerned about the timing for some of them. Last game before the half (if I recall) Lions were moving the ball and reached Montreal's 40 yard line. Passing situation time running out and Montreal stacks the line to blitz( like most teams do to stop a drive). Perfect time for a screen but Lions seemed lost and had to call a time out. :frowning: That's what bothers me about JC. Everyone in my living room were yelling that they should prepare for a much needed screen earlier. And we are just the average Joe fans! What I would also like to see is for the Lions to throw in a hurry up out of the blue just to screw with the defense. If you are going to run the ball and your offensive line is struggling you have to run alot of misdirection. Just handing off the ball is not enough! Big backs like Mallet and Smith got away with it over the years as they would fall forward and gain 4 yards. Not Roberts! These guys are the professionals they should easily incorporate this into their playbook.

we're going to the top so don't get in our way.

Robertson will be sitting out the Toronto game?? Hmmm… I wonder why? That’s too bad. But then, Davis has an incredible running style. He runs like a greased piglet and is so slippery even when the opposition has them in their clutches. I love watching him. Robertson at times is hot and cold. When he is able to break one open it is for a huge gain. But often he gets stopped in his tracks. I’m wondering if they want to give Davis a crack at the position.

Hope you enjoy the game Pastasteve. I wish I were there. Take rain gear with you- unless you’re lucky enough to be undercover. The forecast is rain.

Lions40, will both McGrath and Newman be playing on Saturday? Hope so.

I agree with you Emptyset about those screens. So often I’ve seen the draw and screens work to perfection. Sometimes the defence doesn’t know what to do and by then a first down has been made. But again it all comes down to QB protection. The play needs time to develop.

Anyone know if Printers will be starting on Saturday?

Congats To the B.C. Lion's on their victory over Toronto by 21pts.

Nice prediction!

Lions win by 21; I was actually referring to beaglehounds prediction of 14 pts. :thup: but the Lion's bettered that.

Heh, and I was predicting a low scoring game with both defenses showing how good they can be.
Our D certainly did that part, not so much for the double blue. :smiley: