Lions by 14

Thats it Lions by 14.

I heard vegas odds are +21.5 for the mighty Leos?

No you didnt…quit all this lying!!! NOW!!!


Why do you put Kel at the end of everything.

Sure did. Geroy cutting up that buttery secondary is +7, best and loudest fans in the CFL in the Dome another +7 and Big Bad Joe Smith running around the three little piggies called the Riders D-Line is a guaranteed +7.5.

Crap like that cnat't be coming out of your mouth Swervy, maybe somewhere else? You know that the vagus statement is a lie so why say it.

Swervin is doing his usual trolling, just like RLR would have done. No further proof need that Swervin is actually RLR.

The big game is officially on, so I won't stop posting crap until we light up the Riders brighter than Tillmans hair.

Shut up with the lies buddy.


If you dont know it about Swervin you can certainly feel it...ADMIN boot this knucklehead once and for all by mac and IP address so he cant just create a new email and sign up again.


Cuz' thats my name Einstein...LOL!!! I take accountability a step further unlike some of the cowards on here. I'll meet anyone that asks politely with good intentions.


I think your name with CFLgameanyone should suffice SHERLOCK.

I don’t know about that…

Kerry Joseph seemed to show shades of an MOP. Riders D came up pretty big too with a couple of 3rd down stands. I have a feeling that Cates will be there for the Rider Arsenal. KJ was getting it done, ground, air, pocket or none. Their kicking game wasn’t too shabby weather considering. And there should be about 10,000 strong of the Green and White invading the dome like last years WDF.

Lions by 14? nope.

Should be a closer game.

Lions by 12.

This game will be won by 3 points or less. Last minute field goal attempt.

Add +6 for a Tyrone Williams pass deflection and a returned interception by Cameron Wake. +2 for a Baron Miles blocked punt and a Rider O Lineman falling on it in the endzone. +11 for a undetected Rob Murphy cheapshot as he rips out Chick's Insulun meter followed by the shocking ejection of Corey Rogers as he stand on the Lions sidelines in his streat clothes. +9 as McCallum misses 9 consective short field goals but then sets a CFL record for playoff singles. Lastly +6 as Fantuz has a rocket from Joseph bounce of the back of his head in the end zone to the waiting arms of Ryan Phillips, who laterals to Hunt, who laterals to Floyd, who fumbles, recovered by Banks, who laterals to Glatt
who stumbles into the end zone.

Let's see I think that accounts for a +53.5 spread. It should be great game!

Lions by 7 at least, but we shall see. It will be a good game regardless.


Ok, seriously, what's with the "Kel" popping up everywhere?


It's very catchy.


81Reasons, is Geroy going to have the monster game in the playoffs that has always eluded him? I think he is due

Ohhhhh boy, I can't wait for this game, the atmosphere at BC place has been more and more intense with each game. It's going to be one heckuva loud crowd, and I hope to see some monster performances.