Lions Buono is back Tedford resigns

VANCOUVER - The BC Lions announced today that Jeff Tedford has resigned as the club’s head coach.

“After much consideration, I have elected to exercise an option in my contract and will resign as head coach of the BC Lions in order to pursue other opportunities in college football," said Tedford in a statement released by the team. "I want to thank Lions ownership, management, coaching staff and players and in particular Lions fans for the opportunity and privilege of serving as head coach this past year. The team displayed great fortitude in overcoming several obstacles this season and the future is very bright for these young Lions. I wish the Lions family the very best and long and continued success.?

Lions VP of football operations and GM Wally Buono will take over coaching duties for the 2016 season.

“After consulting with David Braley and Dennis Skulsky, we believe the best course of action for the club at this time is for me to return as head coach,? said Buono.

Kirk Penton
So Mike O'Shea might be the only West Division head coach who returns to his team in 2016. :wink:

8) Yeah, I can hear the conversation between Wally and Jeff.....Well Jeff you can either resign, or be fired !!
  That decision is up to you ??   <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

I called this when he was signed and was told how wrong I was by some Lion fans. Just sayin

Buono could conceivably take the Lions into late season play, including a Grey Cup.

He is obviously a favourite of mine.

The winningest coach in CFL history comes with serious clout. It will be interesting to see how he comes back.

Wally must be a glutton for punishment.
I remember, not too long ago, when I was 65 …I was looking for ways NOT to work. Even in retirement!

I admire Wally for his competitiveness…but I’ll bet Tedford did not appreciate him hovering around practices, offering advice.
Regardless…good luck to Wally next season. We’ll see him when we play the Lions in the 2016 Grey Cup. :smiley: