Lions-Browns blacked out... Thank God!

Looks like broadcasters are showing mercy. :lol:

But seriously, I'm surprised they were only 7,000 tickets short of a sellout. Who the hell would want to see this game live? I wouldn't go if someone gave me free tickets and $100 in spending money.

Both teams are just awful... :lol:

if i had free ticks and 100 bucks id go...and use all 100 for id get 3 beers LOL but seriously balitimore cleveland was brutal this? in a row?

You have to support your team through thick and thin as long as you feel the organization is trying to build a winner. That's what I think if you're a real fan.

Support your team, sure... but who in their right mind would waste their hard earned money on this game? You have one of the worst teams going up against THE worst team. :lol:

I hear ya Chief but that's for those fans to decide. All I know is I won't support the Bills thing in Toronto at all, even if my favourite NFL team the Vikings played them in Toronto.

only 7000 short? is that really fair? not like i really care i guess. but does that mean nfl sells out almost every game? thats crazy

You know, I'm surprised we didn't hear about any blackouts when they went 0-16 last season. :lol: As if the blackouts are just starting now...

is that the nfl rule? sellout or else regional balckout? i saw some ravens games last year where it was clear the stadium was not packed. same with miami a couple times. i think confused on the nfl policy.

So the game is blacked out, and we're ripping on Cleveland for being so terrible... and it turns out the game may have actually been good. Detroit won 38-37. Apparently it was a barn burner. :lol: :lol:

was actually the best game of the week :thup: