Lions bring in a 6'7", 260 lb defensive lineman for Sunday

Caesar Rayford

Clearly, to get in Glenn's grill :roll: (whether Buono admits it or not)


With his elongating, Inspector Gadget-like arms, his wingspan could also come in handy in obscuring the sightlines of Tiger-Cats quarterback Kevin Glenn, who stands only 5-10.

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Big whoop. All this means is the Lions DLine is hurting with injuries. This dude was on the practice roster all of last year and cut in camp this year.

5th D-Lineman.
Not much to worry about here.

B.C. needs to slow down Cobb if anything.
He ran WILD against B.C.

A lineman with long arms?? No way! What will they think of next?

Isn't Doug Brown 6'7"? He was invisible last week.

Duh, why else, to punt ?

Credit Pete Dyakowski and Marwan Hage for that one!

It's the Playoffs, this guys 6'7", just have one of our lineman give the guy a friendly welcome to Ivor Wynne and Hamilton "Chop Block" at the knees and the guy is no longer 6'7" and probably sitting out the game on the sidelines, hey it's worked well many times before by some of the best, sometimes one threat can easily be diminished by a simple, yet effective move.


Desperate times in Wallys world lead to desperate measures. Try not to hit your head on the locker room door frame big boy :roll: :roll:

I read today in the paper out here that this guy was a practice roster guy last year and was cut in camp this year. He was only brought back because of injury.

He doesn’t have enough skill to be a threat at all.

Fear Rayford

With your cadre of QB's patched together with duct tape and bailing wire,I would be fearing Justin Hickman,if I was you...

I'm just sayin'...

Pay no attention. He's not saying Fear Rayford...

he's saying Fear, Rayford... he needed to put the comma in! :wink: