Lions bring back entire coaching staff for 2023

VANCOUVER — BC Lions co-general manager/head coach Rick Campbell announced on Wednesday that the entire coaching staff has signed contract extensions for the 2023 season.

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No substitute for stability.......That and if you liked the team and the coaches - why wouldn't you come back as a player?

i have questions about the Lions special teams coaching.

Why bring back the special teams coach? The special teams were terrible. Terrible kickoff coverage. Instant field position for the opposition almost all the time. I don't get that decision.

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I have to agree. I questioned the special teams for BC all season. As you said the coverage was very poor and so was the blocking for returns. If there should have been a change in the coaching staff special teams should have been it.

Commenting on Kid Canada NR, they did not allow option for commenting that I could find.

NR is a great story, pulling for him big time so save your negative comments that I will probably never see. NR is a great story but not as great as it would be had he attended Canadian College.

Forget if it was Trey Ford or Michael O'Connor, but one of them said they want to be role models for those that stayed in Canada

NR was a NFL fan rather than a CFL fan what's wrong with that picture?

Go to bashing will probably never see the posts in your little exclusive club here

Long live 3 down Canadian football, I know that's offensive to some of you