Lions bounce back with win over Stamps

CALGARY — The BC Lions earned a hard fought 31-29 overtime victory over the Calgary Stampeders from McMahon Stadium to close out Week 15 of league action.

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Pretty much all this article really needed to say. VA got it done & has given the Lions renewed confidence. Big win.


Absolutely right. Big win for the Lions in Stamps park. They control their own destiny. Big game with Stamps @ home next week & get the Bombers twice in October. Maybe even have Rourke back with any luck. Good clean game. Very efficient game by Adams. Nice to see. Win next week & it's a 2 team race. :sunglasses:

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I believe it’s already a two team race. The Stamps have to win 3 more games than the Lions and four more than the Bombers to finish ahead of either one of them as they don’t hold the tiebreaker. That ain’t going to happen and neither will the Riders catch them. The Stamps are almost certainly destined to finish in the worst playoff spot in the West, that being 3rd place. I’m not a mathematician but I’m guessing that the chance of that happening is over 90%. Unless they pull off some kind of playoff miracle it is quite possible that their season was effectively decided tonight. They can’t complain and don’t deserve better when they can’t beat the teams ahead of them in the standings (0-5).


That sounds about right. If the last few games don't matter for Calgary position-wise a couple of weeks from now they'll probably rotate in some of their 2nd stringers. I wonder if 'Backup Bo' will get some reps?


Funny, Jon, you keep telling me it's a ONE horse race. I see you're coming around. BTW you may be interested in checking out 3DownNation who ranked the man-games lost by all the CFL teams. Top 3 who have lost OVER 170 man-games which is considerably higher than the next group are in order Argos, Riders & Elks. Bombers only lost more than the Als & Lions so they have been comparatively much better off. As this was a topic last time around, looks like one site has cleared that up. Cheers. :sunglasses:

Good morning Aceguy. Not sure if you have heard but the Queen of England passed away.

Out of respect the CFL just had a perfect upset weekend and yes even your Elks won. Good bless the Queen and also the BC Lions as they hold onto second in the west :beers:

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The Bombers still will probably finish first, but Calgary’s inability to beat anyone of note has made it more interesting for sure. I always allowed for that possibility. I have never said anything with certainty and only deal with probabilities. I also always say those can change depending on how games go week to week and they just have. The probabilities, however, generally remain the same except Calgary has now cemented themselves in 3rd place for the most part. Still only a probability but now a much, much stronger one. Another probability shift is the ability of Saskatchewan to even make the playoffs, something that will get more interesting if they lose to the Bombers on the 30th as expected and Eastern teams such as Hamilton keep winning. Do you disagree?

I did read the 3DownNation injury report. That report refers to total man games lost and is informative in that sense, but total man games lost is only part of the picture. The Bombers have lost significant starters including 2/3 of their starting linebackers for almost the entire year with the remaining linebacker, Bighill, playing hurt every week. They also have been decimated in the secondary and at receiver and generally have had two starting O linemen out for most games. Ellingson was either the leading receiver or second leading receiver in the league when he went down. Jeffcoat has missed time and has played hurt when he hasn’t and it looks like he will be out again. Regardless of total man games they have lost more good players than most teams and I consider that to be more important than Saskatchewan losing a slew of marginal players, for example.

Building on that, I am of the view that despite the man game totals, BC has suffered the worst from injuries simply because they lost Rourke. To me it wouldn’t matter if they lost no other player for even one game. I would still be of the opinion that BC has been hurt the most by injuries. Second would clearly be Ottawa losing Masoli. I expect Ottawa would be challenging Toronto for first or even be in first had they not lost Masoli. Montreal losing Stanback would be the third worst injury any team has suffered, in my opinion. That is how I view the impact of injuries, not just a straight number of man games, although that is to be taken into account as well. You are free to judge injury woes differently but at least you know my logic.


I agree, Stamps will probably be going to BC for the West semi final. I don't have any problem with that. The Stamps have a far better road record than home record. As we saw this weekend, anything can happen when it's one game. Yes, the Stamps are 0-5 against the teams ahead of them but pretty well every game could have gone either way. Parades had the game on his foot last night and blew it. Sure looking forward to the rematch next weekend.


I don’t disagree with what you say. The Stamps could sure give themselves some momentum and confidence for that Western Semi Final should they win next week in BC. If they don’t they won’t have any chance at second and may very well have to face Rourke in BC in the semi final. We’ll see what happens.

What I find odd is apart from Two games against Edmonton every game the stamps faced this season were super close and one possessions games that could very well have gone either way. Them beating teams like Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal you could legitimately argue if one or two plays went the other team way Calgary loses these games and the same could be said about two of the games against the elks. But when you have been incapable of beating teams that rank higher than you in standings that should be extremely worrying to Calgary even if maier has done great. While I do think personally Calgary might do better at bc since for several seasons bc always seems to do great at McMahon if Calgary loses that game they are third without question. Right now tho I do believe they can still finish second just bcs the schedule for the rest of the year is easier compared to bc schedule for the rest of the year.

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Another officiating debacle
If the cfl is wondering why stadiums are 1/4 full wakey wakey

That could work.

Imagine a cold November 6th day in Calgary at McMahon Stadium... (close your eyes)... now imagine that SAME cold November 6th day spent in the cozy confines of BC Place under the dome. Ahhhhh. Bliss.

Would an army of Stamps faithful be more likely to make the trip if they could watch the game in their pajamas and fluffy slippers instead of their parkas and -40C certified Arctic Boots?

Well the Lions did what they needed to do. just put in a QB who can make the safe play, as they have the best receivers in the league. There is a lot of football left, and the so-called best team in the league, lost to two of the worst and has got a lot of calls when they need them too. Thats a dangerous situation right there. games left to play, someone can get hurt in that time, and complacency can set in. Dangerous. If the stamps pick up some receivers they could make a push. But whomever wins that game in BC in the playoffs definately has a chance to beat the Bombers who have nothing to play for until the third week of November.

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That's so true. Last season we mailed a couple meaningless games in that we could've easily won. Then we ALMOST lost the Final against Saskatchewan... sheesh that was close.

Parades had the game on his foot last night and blew it. Sure looking forward to the rematch next weekend.

Al right.....Joke time kicker style...

The last thing Rene Parades said before he kicked the bucket? How far do you think I can kick this bucket?.:upside_down_face:


Excellent football game except for some questionable calls. Questionable calls were, however, evident in the other two games also. Must have been the stars alignment or planets alignment of something. On a sad note (for me) I went 0-3 in pick'em.


That IS sad. Going 0-3 in gimme games?! You IDIOT... oh wait... I went 0-3 too. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Wasn't paying attention to the box score last night but wow, VA was 25 of 32 for 78% passing completion.

Not bad for a guy who hasn't played since 2019.

He has missed more than a few this year......and most of his misses were when it really counted.


That is in keeping with my Paredes is overrated comments that I have been vilified for. The evidence mounts.