Still a legitimate opportunity for a Bomber win? After Demarco's second half heroics, maybe not. Lions open a 6 point road favourite.

According to Burke, the Bombers may go with three import o-linemen on Friday with the return of January from injury. Also, Max Hall is good to go and will start again this week.

BC is not a good road team, so it's a winnable game. Bombers just need to find the form they had in the first half last week...

and preferably not take any knees in tie games.

Two teams going in opposite directions, not good for the Bombers.

From today's practice:

Paul Wiecek @PaulWiecek

Bombers OL right now L-R - January, Greaves, Sorensen, Knapp, Jones. #bn

Pretty quick demotion for Pencer. I thought he played better overall compared to Knapp who got beat a lot after halftime.

If the Bombers do play 3 Import OL, I wonder who will be the 7 starting Non-Imports. I presume: 2 OL,2 WRs/SBs,2 LBs and 1 S or 1 RB/FB or 1 DL interchanging.


Sounds like they're starting three non-import receivers (Foster, Kohlert, Etienne) instead of two to compensate for Pencer being replaced in the line-up. Burke also mentioned that Johnson/Muamba would take turns at safety as would Wild/Labbe at linebacker depending on how many Canadians are needed.

Ask and ye shall receive:

The Bombers will bring a slightly rejigged lineup into Friday’s game, starting with the offensive line, which now includes three import players in Glenn January and newcomers Dan Knapp and Jarvis Jones. That setup will push the Bombers to play three Canadian receivers in their five-wideout package, which will be Akeem Foster, Rory Kohlert and Jade Etienne.

They really seem to be putting the blame on Pencer for the lack of a running game in the second half. Guess the film must show he was the weak link but .......

Those three starting Canadian receivers aren't going to scare anyone. Unless Winnipeg can establish the run, their offence is doomed against BC.

The Blue Bombers might be wise to just conceed a complete game loss instead of bothering to play this upcoming game against the Lions.
It's gonna be a humiliating game for the Bombers.
It's paper bag on the head time at IG Field.
Let's face it, the CFL Blue Bombers are even worse than the NFL Browns (Cleveland).

Yeah we know!!!!, what's the point of your post ?

Don't agree at all; think it'll be a close game either way. Bombers played them close in BC when the Lions were healthy, this time the Lions may be without Arsenault and Marsh (in addition to Lulay and Iannuzzi), are on the road where they haven't played very well this year and are fighting the flu bug. Should be another nail biter!

Yeah. Plus the Lions are not a good road team.

It's not going to be an easy game, but it's certainly one the Bombers can win.

Lions are 2-4 on the road. Bombers played em tough in BC and showed some resiliency despite the big setback of the fumble on the opening kickoff that led to a quick TD for the Lions. DeMarco I think will be a good QB but this will be his second start, they expect over 30K seats to be sold and if most of those seats are filled there can be enough noise to cause Demarco some problems. Issues for the bombers remain the same though - consistency. Avoiding long stretches of stenching ineptitude. Hopefully Hall can stay upright so Burke isn’t forced to bring in a cold Goltz and have him take knees all game.

Frankly I don’t know how anyone can predict how the bombers will play each game. After the whupping in Regina they came back and played a monster game on D to knock of the Riders. They took another whupping in Edmonton to the point where most everyone expected them to suffer another bad loss to the Esks at home and yet they led on the scoreboard most of the game.

On the road, BC (2-4) is better than Winnipeg (1-5) at home. If BC can win at Regina, BC should be able to win at Winnipeg too? Also Winnipeg has more injuries than BC. But unlike basketball, injuries are mostly irrelevant in football because of depth in talent. In previous 10 meetings, BC is 6-4 versus Winnipeg which is 7-3 against pointspread. So a close game is possible.

Line has come down to 5 as the betting on Winnipeg has picked up overnight. Like the Bombers to win a squeaker, then again, thought they'd win a tight one last week too! :oops:

That holds true of you have high end talent and good backups. What if you have average-below average talent at the starting position, then your backup is poor to low quality.

The bombers lost in BC by only 7 points. That margin of victory is surprising considering Lulay going 28/39 for 268 yards and 3 TD vs Golt's 13/28 112 yards 0 TD 1 INT. And if the bomber receivers held on to a couple more balls then the bombers could very well have won. Hard to predict how this one will be. Hall had a decent outing last week but is banged up. Demarco shook off a rough start to have a great second half and really threw some nice balls to his receivers to get them into position for that game winning FG. How will he play this week? Who knows. I have no idea what to expect this game.

Well, it is supposedly the league's top defence led by Rich Stubler going up against unquestionably the league's worst offence. Add to that the fact that BC has the better coaching across the board, I am expecting a BC win.

....Have to agree MJ...UNLESS they have to insert Buck....then all bets are off... :lol: