Lions-Bombers thread (August 10)

This game follows the Riders-Blue Team telecast tonight.

Ought to be a good tussle.

Oski Wee Wee,




I'd love to watch the second half of this double header, but I've got a 7:30 tee off at Willow Valley tomorrow, so ...

Go Inside Kitties Go

It's time for another tightening of the East race! :wink:

for sure!!

Well I liked the way Shultzy used Jesse as an example of how to kick bomber ASS!!!

nice run by Pierce

BC is driving...

TD to Chad Mock from Pierce. GOOD START! LOL

7-0 Leos with the extra point.

Yet another first drive TD... nice!!! keep going Lions!!!

Bombers two-and-out...

IDIOTIC penatly by the Bombers there! Throwing a guy into the advert signs isn't good optics. LOL

Dr. Pierce is in. :wink:

lol hopefully the Bombers continue to self destruct

McCallum with the miss, Johnson returns it out of the end zone.

Another two-and-out for the Bombers!

The defence is going to be gassed by the fourth quarter at this rate.

Clermont just got ROCKED. Incomplete.

McCallum FG, 10-0 Lions.

ANOTHER two-and-out.